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Dos is a card game that belongs to the same category of games as Phase 10 and Uno. In this game, you want to get rid of the cards on your hand as fast as possible to win the game. But the way to an empty hand is full of challenges and you need to learn how to play the card game Dos if you want to truly enjoy it.

In this Dos card game guide, we are going to look at the Dos card game rules as well as some tricks and strategies that you can use to enhance your gameplay. Let’s start by learning more about how to play the Dos card game.

Dos Card Game
Dos Card game rules

What do you need to play the Dos card game?

To play this game, you will need a Dos card deck. It is enough with 1 deck for up to 4 players. You can also look into online versions if you don’t have the physical game available. But now, we will look at how to play Dos with the actual cards on your own table.

How to start playing the Dos card game

How to start playing the Dos card game

This card game is played with 2 to 4 players. You can also find the Dos card game online, but we will look at that later. The game starts with dealing the cards to the participants.



Each participating player is dealt 7 cards. You should deal the cards one at a time. The remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table. Two cards will be flipped up. This starts the center row.



The objective of the card game Dos is to be the first player to be rid of all the cards on your hand each round. If you have a card on your hand that matches one of the open cards on the center row, you can place your card on it.

You can also place 2 cards that equal the number of a card on the center row. For example, if there is a card with the number 8 on the center row, you can place cards 5 and 3 on it. This is because they add up to 8.

The special cards in Dos the card game

The special cards in Dos the card game

In the Dos card game, you have 2 special cards:

  1. 2s also called Dos card – These cards can be any color when played or when played on.
  2. Hashtag card – This is the Wild. It can be used as any number when played as well as when played on.
Dos card game all cards
Dos card game instructions

Dos card game instructions

Once the cards are dealt, and you all understand the game’s objective, it is time to start playing! It is the player sitting to the left of the dealer that will be the first to play.

This is how it goes:

  • The player that starts can place cards onto the cards in the central row. If these cards are built on the new formations, they will be gathered and placed in a discard pile.


  • There must always be a minimum of 2 center-row cards when you play. When you discard these cards with the cards you built on them, you will have to replace them with a new center row card in their place. These are flipped up from the deck in the middle.
Dos card game bonuses

Dos card game bonuses

Placing the same number and color on the center row card

When you have a card that matches a center row card, both in color and in number, you get a bonus. It works like this:

  • You place the exact match card on the center row card and then discard the two cards together.
  • You flip up a new center row card from the deck.
  • You add one of your cards to the center row. Now we have 3 center-row cards!
Double color match

Double color match

If you manage to place a double color match on the table, meaning that you color match on two of the center cards, you will get another type of bonus.

  • First thing, the matches are discarded.
  • The center row is returned to 2 cards flipping out a card (or 2) from the deck.
  • The player that managed a double color match gets to add 2 new center-row cards from his hand—one for each color match.
  • The other players must now draw a card for each color match. This means that the other players draw 2 cards each from the pile.
Important about the center row cards

Important about the center row cards

After making matches and adding cards to the center row of the table, the game will go back to 2 center row cards as standard when other players don’t win bonuses. If you play after a player that placed 2 extra cards on the center row, you will follow this rule.

Let’s say that you made 2 regular matches when there were 4 center-row cards on the table. This will leave 2 center-row cards on the table. You will not add another one. If you made 3 regular matches without any bonus, you would flip up one new card for the center row, ensuring that there are 2 of them on the table.

When a player can’t make a match

When a player can’t make a match

The Dos card game target is to get rid of all the cards on the hand. When a player manages to match his last card or cards, he wins the round with the center row cards.

Dos card game scoring

Dos card game scoring

The winning player is awarded points based on the cards that remain in the other players’ hands.

  • The value of Dos game cards 1, 3-10 is the face value.
  • The value of the Dos game card 2, the Dos card is 20 points.
  • The value of the Dos game card # (the Wild) is 40 points.

To win the entire Dos card game, you need to get 200 points. You will have to play round after round till one player has this sum. This means that it is possible to catch up by having a little luck and playing smart.

Dos card game scoring
Important about the Dos card game rules

Important about the Dos card game rules

It is enough to have a matching number to make a match and remove cards from the center row. Color matching is unnecessary but an excellent thing to get since this will entitle you to a bonus that furthers your game.

You can use up to 2 cards from your hand to make a match. When the match is made out of both number and color, you get some bonus depending on how many matches you make.

The Dos card is any color. The Wild card can be used as any card. If this card is on the center row, the player making the match decides what it is.

While you can only make a match using 2 cards from your hand, it is perfectly fine to make as many matches on the table as you can. If there are 4 cards there and you have 4 matches, you can go ahead and place these on the table.

You must announce Dos

You must announce Dos

When you have 2 cards left on your hand, you must announce Dos! If another player announces Dos before you, you have to draw 2 cards as a penalty.

Dos card game online

Dos card game online

It is possible to play a Dos card game online. You can find free dos card games to download to your computer. It might also be possible to find online versions to play directly in your browser. Pay attention to details for the number of players. Can you:

  • Play 1 player against the software?
  • Play more players locally using the same computer or mobile unit?
  • Play more players online?

If you want to play Dos card games against players worldwide through the Internet, you will need a game branded as multiplayer online.

You can also get a Dos app to play the card game on your phone. This can be a great asset when traveling or when you need good entertainment and don’t have the actual cards with you.

Some advantages of playing Dos card games online are:

  • You can make a private room and invite your friends to play. So you don’t have to play against strangers. This might also be a way to do something fun with dear ones that live far away from you.
  • You can get bonus effects that will let you gather more points and other effects for more action.
  • You can learn the rules of the games interactively.
  • You will easily see points on leaderboards that are baked into the interactive Dos game.
  • It is easy to play a card game on a touch screen—no flipping of cards and no risks of showing cards you want to keep secret.
  • The online Dos games are fun and very exciting.
  • You can play for free, no need to pay for the game!
Should you play online Dos or get a deck

Should you play online Dos or get a deck?

One thing does not rule out the other. In fact, many play Dos card games online as well as with regular cards. If you want to do something fun with people in the same room, it can be nicer to bring out the card deck. 

Many still find it a bit weird to play games on screens when you’re sitting together—especially card games. But if you don’t have the Dos card game available, this is a solution. And if you want to play it with people sitting with you in a car, a software or app solution might actually come in handy.

Having said this, don’t miss that genuine feeling you get when you play a traditional game of Dos with real cards. There is something special about getting together this way. If you can gather 3 friends or family members around a table with you, you might have an unforgettable experience.

What is the difference between Uno and Dos card games

What is the difference between Uno and Dos card games?

If you have played Uno, you might think that this is the same. But there is a major difference between Uno and Dos card games. In Dos, you have 2 cards in the center row. The other important difference is that you can match color and numbers but not like in Uno.

Some find the differences a bit frustrating—especially those who are used to playing Uno. But you should be able to understand just how the Dos card game works. It might even be a good idea to try not to compare too much even though a lot of the rules in Dos match the Uno rules.

Who can play Dos card games

Who can play Dos card games?

People are playing Dos card games all over the world. It would be best if you were old enough to understand the difference between numbers and to do basic math to play the game. But players as young as 7 might enjoy the Dos card game if they know how to play it.

In some cases, you might even be able to play with younger players. But the recommendation from Mattel that owns the game is from 7 years old. At that age, most kids do understand basic math and can follow the rules of the game.

Dos card game strategy

Dos card game strategy

Is there anything you can do to increase your chances of winning a Dos card game? Of course, there is! First of all, you need to come prepared for the game. Make sure that you are on top of the rules for Dos before you start playing.

Apart from this, you can consider the following strategy tips for Dos:

  • The Dos cards are important. With these, you increase your chances of making matches. But they are also worth a lot of points. Because of this, you could consider using your Dos cards as early in the game as possible. Towards the end, it might be better to have them discarded! 
  • The same thing can be said for the Wild card, the hashtag. This is not a card you want to hold onto when another player wins the round.
  • When you place new cards from your hand on the center row, try to think about what cards will be hard for your opponents to build on. You can know a great deal about their cards by paying attention to what they play with during the game.
  • Opt for number and color matches so that you will get bonuses. This will help you end the game faster. If you get the double bonus, you will also cause the other players to deal with more cards which could substantially slow them down.
  • Play with a poker face. This means two things:
  1. Try to avoid making faces that will reveal if you have good cards or not.
  2. Try to play in a way that will fool your opponents regarding the cards on your hand. You could play more aggressively at the beginning of one round and then do the opposite during the next round. That can make your opponents confused as to what could be on your hand.
  • Remember to shout Dos. This is a detail that is often overlooked. You need to practice and remind yourself. The announcement of Dos is more important than what one would think.
  • Play a lot! Don’t forget that you will figure the Dos card game strategy out by simply playing the game. It would be best if you played many rounds to get the hang of it and start to realize things about yourself and your opponents.
Playing a Dos card game with children

Playing a Dos card game with children

This is obviously a family card game, but you will notice that it plays a bit differently when you play with kids. For one thing, younger players might not have the same patience for many rounds. It is possible to lower the score needed to win to make it an attractive game.

Younger children can find it harder to understand the rules of Dos at the start. To get around this, you can make teams. Pair up skilled Uno and Dos players with beginners. This is a great help for a beginner and also makes the game a lot of fun.

You can also play with open cards, to begin with. This is a great way to start if you are a group of beginners. Discuss your choices and remind each other of the rules for Dos. After one or two rounds with open cards, you should be ready to start playing for real.

Mattel recommends the game for children up to 11 years old. But know that older children also find this game a lot of fun. You really cannot put an upper limit for it. Anyone that still enjoys games like Uno and Phase 10 will surely be able to enjoy Dos.

Where can you buy the Dos card game

Where can you buy the Dos card game?

You should find the Dos card game anywhere where they sell Mattel games. If they have Uno, they should also have Dos. This means that your local toy store should have this card game.

But easier is to order Dos online. This will also let you choose special additions like the Splash Dos version. When you look online, you might also find deals that let you buy Uno and Dos together at a discounted price.

Pay attention when you buy a Dos game online if it is new or used. It is possible to find used versions for a lower price. Sometimes the card game has not really been played with. But you should not only think about the condition of the playing cards. Also, make sure that the game is intact with all the cards available.

Since a Dos card game is never that expensive, it could be wise to buy a new version. Then you will also get the rules booklet and perhaps a sturdy tin box to place the game in when you are not using it.

Who should buy a Dos card game

Who should buy a Dos card game?

If you like Uno, Dos is probably a good choice for you. Even if it isn’t the same, and there are things about Uno that you like better, Dos is truly entertaining. It is a game made for kids and adults alike.

Consider getting a Dos card game if you are:

  • About to go on a trip with family or friends. This way, you will have something fun to play with when you sit on airplanes, trains, or in cars. The simple structure of the game makes it possible to play it everywhere!
  • A grandparent that wishes to play fun games with school-aged grandchildren. This game will have your grandchildren in place with you for a long time. You get some wonderful quality time together while parents can rest!
  • A person that loves card games and feels the need to know every game available on the market.
  • In charge of activities at camp and need a good game for several players that you want seated around a table.
  • A teacher that wishes to develop your students’ understanding of math. There is some basic subtraction built into this game.
  • A parent looking to have the best board and card games available for rainy days.
  • Someone looking for a gift that will truly be appreciated.

It is easy to say that Dos is a card game that fits most. It can be used at home, in school, at camp, and wherever people feel the need for a fun game. Since it is so easy to bring and store, it is a no-brainer to bring along wherever you go!

Storing your Dos card game well

Make sure to store your Dos card game well

If you lose cards, the game will not work as intended. You need a complete Dos game to enjoy it. Because of this, it is crucial to get into the habit of storing the game well between playing sessions.

When you get the cards in a tin box, you should keep this. It is a great place to keep the game. If you get it in a cardboard box, it might break, and then you should find other ways to keep the cards together. A rubber band around the collected deck usually works fine.

Also, make sure to store your deck of Dos cards where little kids cannot get it. Smaller kids will enjoy playing with the colorful cards, but they will probably lose some cards on the floor and behind furniture. There are better games for small kids than your Dos card game!

When you find the Dos card game instructions complicated

When you find the Dos card game instructions complicated

It might take a little bit before you get the hang of the Dos card game. It is so similar to Uno, but not the same thing. The instructions for Dos might seem a bit complicated, but you should know that you will get them if you use these tricks:

  • Have a note with the main rules for the game readily available while you play.
  • Start by reading the rules out loud.
  • Play one round with open cards where you go through rules for everyone that will participate.
  • Have a look at a video online. Several outstandning videos explain the Dos game rules.
  • Be easy with mistakes. If someone breaks the rules by mistake, you can still play on. It is better to keep the game flowing than to try and backtrack to make it right again.
  • Remember that this is not Uno. Forget about the Uno rules and try to keep a fresh slate in your head for Dos rules!
Giving the Dos card game as a gift

Giving the Dos card game as a gift

The Dos card game is very popular as a gift since it has nice packaging. For a small price, you get hours of game time. This makes Dos a wonderful gift for friends and family. The format of the game also makes it easy to send.

You can order it online and send it as a gift. Maybe even to another country. The price and weight of the game box should make it easy to get this game as a gift. It is also the type of gift that fits many different occasions. Buy it for:

  • The holidays when you will have more time to spend together.
  • For the birthday party when you don’t know the taste and preferences of the birthday kid.
  • For Mother’s and Father’s day, when you want to give a gift that will bring unity and create special memories.
  • As a surprise gift when you feel like making someone happy.
Times when Dos card games are not your best choice

Times when Dos card games are not your best choice

It is important to understand that there are times when bringing out a Dos card game is not your best choice. This is simply because it takes a long time to complete the game. If you only have half an hour or less to play a game, pick something else.

Dos is also not your first choice when you play with players who don’t like to learn new rules or think too much. A game like Ludo might be a better option for younger children who lack the patience to hear you about the rules.

If you don’t have the Splash version, you might also want to avoid playing this game by water. If you wet the regular cards, they will lose shape. Even if the card can still be used, people will learn which card has the water stain. That makes it harder to play with strategy when you have it on your hand!

10 questions and answers about Dos

10 questions and answers about Dos

Here are some of the most common questions about playing the Dos card game.

How many cards are in Dos?

You have 108 cards in a Dos game. There are 96 numbered cards with different colors (red, blue, yellow, and green) and another 12 Wild cards with the hashtag symbol.

Can you play Uno with a Dos card game?

Uno with Dos cards might work somehow, but it won’t be ideal. Dos is a sequel to Uno, and it caters to fewer players than Uno does.

Is Dos made by Uno?

No, Uno is another game from Mattel, which is the company behind the Dos game. Dos is a sequel to Uno. The Dos card game rules are similar to Uno, with the twist of having 2 piles of cards on the table and discarding several center row piles at once.

What does Dos mean?

Dos means 2 in Spanish. Considering that Uno means 1, it is only natural that the sequel to the game is named Dos!

Is Dos better than Uno?

Looking at a Dos card game review, it is obvious that this is a fun game. Many feel that it is a bit slower than Uno and thereby not as fun. But it has all of the key ingredients for a great card game. Even if you find Uno a better game, chances are great; you will also enjoy Dos.

Are the Dos card game rules hard to learn?

No, you need to review them and play a few rounds. Once you get used to the Dos card game rules for center row and bonuses, it should be easy enough.

Can you play Dos for free?

Yes, you can find Dos card games online and on your phone for free. But if you want to play the original card game, you need to buy the actual card deck.

Can you play Dos with a regular card deck?

Perhaps, if you tweak the rules a bit, it will be hard when you don’t have the Dos card, and also, you might need more card decks to make this work.

How much is a Dos card game?

You can find cheap Dos card games for around 5 dollars, but if you want a never-used one, it should be around 10 dollars.

How many rounds of Dos do you have to play to win?

It depends on how many points the winners score each round. If we assume that each winner makes about 30 points, it will take at least 6-8 rounds before someone hits 200 points. Most likely, you will need many more rounds than that.

Interesting Dos card game facts

Interesting Dos card game facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Dos card game that you might not know.

Not the first version of Uno

Uno was invented in 1971. Since then, it has been launched in different versions. Perhaps you remember the Uno card deck with emojis or the card deck with Shrek the Third design. Dos is another special version that has come to stand on its own legs as a unique card game.

It looks like Uno…

It looks a lot like Uno, but it is not. The fact that colors play a larger role in the Dos card game rules makes a big difference. They create a new dimension to the game. Some like this. Others think that it is a drag. You will have to try Dos to reach your own opinion.

Slower game

Be prepared for a slower game. This is due to the fact that you can’t match colors alone.

Where are all the special cards?

Another important fact to know about Dos is that it has only 2 special cards. You don’t get Reverse card, Draw 2, Skip card, and other Uno effects. This makes the Dos game a bit more straightforward, but you would feel from more special cards without the rushes.

It can take hours to complete

When you have one or two cards left, it can take hours before you get rid of them. This means that Dos is the perfect game for a rainy afternoon when you need a card game that can go on for hours.

Dos Splash card games

If you know that you will be playing Dos card games by the pool or at the beach, the Dos Splash card game might be your best choice. In this game, the cards are made out of durable plastic. It makes it water-resistant as well as better suited for frequent rounds by sweaty and perhaps sticky children’s hands. It is easy to clean the Dos Splash game using a wet rag.

Dos card game player reviews

Dos card game player reviews

To decide whether you should buy a Dos card game or not, you might want to have a look at a Dos card game review or two. We have looked at some common player comments on this game. 

Here are some important points that are good to know before you get your game:

Dos Splash can be scratched.

Before paying double for a Dos Splash card game, know that these cards can be scratched. This will make the color come off, and then you will need a new deck when you can’t see the numbers properly.

You should also know that if the Dos Splash cards get wet, you need to dry them one by one. If not, they will stick together.

The game is fun, but not for large groups.

Many feel that Dos card games are fun, but not in big groups like Uno card games. You can play up to 4 players. If you are many more than that, it might be wiser to play Uno.

Good to teach young children maths 

Dos is, just like many other similar card games, an excellent tool for teaching young children math. This is an enjoyable game, and young players don’t even think about how they practice their math skills while playing.

Relaxing and fun

Many mention that they laughed a lot while playing but also found Dos relaxing. Since the game takes some time to play, people can lean back and enjoy it. There is no stress, and players always have the chance to catch up on points in the coming rounds.

Other Uno versions

Other Uno versions

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