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Becoming A Blackjack Whizz:

How To Play The Game

Uno isn’t the only amazing card game out there: blackjacks got a major following, with millions of players worldwide having fun as the cards hit the table. Okay, so a lot of people might be confused by the idea of blackjack and Uno being similar, but if you’re a fan of pocket-sized games and you like simple, straightforward rules (rather than some of the really complicated games out there), you could easily expand from Uno to blackjack. So, if that sounds good, how do you play this game?

how to play black jack
becoming a blackjack whizz

Where Did Blackjack Come From?

Blackjack’s probably one of the most well-recognized games of our era, and tons of players dive straight for the blackjack table when they hit a casino (whether that’s brick-and-mortar or digital). So, who gets the credit for this great game?
Disappointingly, we’ve no way of knowing exactly how blackjack was invented (believe me, there’s tons of debate about this), but a lot of people credit the game to French casinos, and the game “Vingt-et-Un,” which is “Twenty-one.” Regardless of where we got this gem from, it’s won a lot of hearts with its simplicity. Looking to expand your card game repertoire? Blackjack should be top of that list! Let’s check out the rules, grab a deck, and start the shuffle!


One of the best things about blackjack? It’s simple (though easier said than done)! You’ve just got one goal: beat the dealer. How? Tot up your cards to a higher total than they get, without going over 21.
Misjudged and gone over 21? Boom – you’ve “bust,” and that means you’ve lost automatically. So, whenever you play, you’re trying to figure out when to quit with the best chance of being above the dealer, but the lowest risk of going over 21.

How To Play


Like Uno, blackjack’s appeal lies in its simplicity – you can pick this up in minutes, even if you’re not into card games! Most games involve between 2-7 players, and you’ll need at least 1 deck of cards.

The scoring’s straightforward, even for the most number-challenged among us (and yes, that’s us): cards are scored according to the number on the front, with Aces counting as 1 or 11 (this varies) and Jacks, Queens, and Kings scoring 10 points each.


So, ready to jump in? Let’s say you’re sitting to the left of the dealer (to make this simple). First up you’ve got to place your bet (keep it low while you’re learning, trust us!), and then you’ll get two face-up cards – as will everyone else. The dealer, however, draws one of those cards face-down instead. You’ve therefore got a bit of info about their setup, but not much.

You’ll then be asked if you want more cards or not. To get more cards, say “hit” and another card will be dealt. To stick with your current value, opt for “stand.” You can say “hit” as many times as you want (but your risk of passing 21 will be climbing!).

When you stop drawing, play passes to your left, and they’ve got the chance to “hit” or “stand.” From there, each player gets a chance to “hit” or “stand.” However, as soon as they go over 21, they have lost.

Continuing Play

This continues around the table until every player has had a chance to hit or stand. The dealer then takes their turn, with the same choices to draw another card or “stand.” If the dealer draws and goes over 21, all players who haven’t bust throughout the round will win, getting back their bet and a matching amount from the dealer.

Who Wins?

If the dealers are under 21, they’ll quickly tot up their total, and then check each player’s hand against it. Got a higher total? Whoop – you’ve won! Lower total? Unfortunately, that’s a loss. Tie (yes, it does happen!)? You’ll get your bet back, but no winnings.

What Blackjack Variations Are There?

Like Uno, which has variations such as Uno Attack (if you haven’t tried this, oh my goodness, do), blackjack also has a number of variations. You’ve got to be aware of this before you join games! We’ve explained the basic rules, but there are tons of other variants, and you can find all sorts of options, especially if you play at online casinos.

Planning on hosting a games night with friends or something similar? We’d so recommend checking out the variations so you can figure out which one is going to make for the ultimate card night. And, if you’re joining blackjack games at any time, make sure you know what rules are being used so you can give yourself the best chances of winning (seriously, you need the insider info to play a good game!).

So, what variants are there? Well, a particularly popular one is Blackjack Switch, which gives you two hands that you get to play separately. You can swap the second cards that are dealt to each hand, allowing for more flexibility and strategy.

There’s also Blackjack Perfect Pairs, which is very popular, and allows players to make a side bet on whether they are going to get a pair – if their first two cards are the same value (or both face cards), the player has a pair, and their side bet will win!

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