Uno Minecraft Rules

Minecraft Uno Rules

Uno + Minecraft = true!

Minecraft Uno is one of the most popular Uno versions of the top-rated card game. As you might already have noticed, Uno has a rich history of creating exciting, fun, and different themes of the Uno game, Minecraft Uno being one of them.

These theme games often come with new designs, additional special cards, and sometimes slightly different directions.

This article will explore Minecraft Uno rules, the cards, rules, and everything you need to know to start playing the Minecraft version of the game.

Ready? Let’s dig in.

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Uno minecraft Rules

The original Minecraft Uno rules, easy to read and understand with illustrations. Check them out!

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How to play Uno Minecraft

Learn the Uno Minecraft rules how to start, and play in our simplified Uno Minecraft guide.

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Minecraft Uno cards

What do the cards mean in Uno Minecraft? Everything you need to know about the Minecraft cards.

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Minecraft Uno Rules Creeper Card

Download the official rules of Uno Attack in a PDF or infographic made by our team.

Uno Minecraft

What do you get if you merge one of history’s best card games, together with one of the most popular and successful computer games in history?

The answer is Minecraft Uno! Mattel creates this game in collaboration with the creators of Minecraft, Mojang. Like most Uno theme games, the game has a unique design based on popular characters from Minecraft.

In fact, one of these characters, the scary-looking “Creeper,” has its own unique Uno Card! But more about that card in a bit.

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What is Minecraft

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very popular computer game created by a Swedish game developer named Markus Persson in 2011. It became trendy among young and old and took the world by storm. In fact, it became so popular that Microsoft decided to buy out Minecraft!

If you are familiar with the history of Uno, you might have spotted some similarities with another popular game.

Uno and Minecraft – A match in heaven.

If you ask us, Uno and Minecraft truly is a match made in heaven because of the similarities. Both games are:

  • Very fun
  • Easy to learn
  • Have a flexible gameplay
  • Popular among young and old
  • Created by a visionary
  • Bought up by a more prominent company

What more can you ask for?

Now that you have some background about the Minecraft Uno, you probably wonder, How different are the Minecraft Uno rules from the original Uno Rules?

Minecraft uno rules

Minecraft Uno rules

Just like the original Uno, the Minecraft version has 112 cards in total, and 2-10 players can play the game at once. If you are already familiar with the Uno Rules or the Uno Attack Rules, learning the Minecraft Uno rules will be very easy. This because the game is very similar.

The goal is to be the first person not to have any cards in your hands. Then the points are calculated, and in a game with several rounds, the player first to 500 wins! More about Uno Minecraft scoring further down.

Minecraft Uno cards and package -

Choosing a dealer

Everyone draws a card. The person with the highest value of the card is a dealer. If two players draw the same card, just draw new cards until a dealer is determined. Easy-peasy!

Starting the game

The cards are put back into the deck, and the dealer shuffles the cards. Each player starts with seven cards, and the remaining cards are placed face-down in a Draw pile. The dealer then flips the first card in the Draw pile and puts it face-up in a fresh pile that is called the Discard pile.

The player to the left of the dealer starts the game. If the first card is a special card, you can read more bout what to do in each in our Minecraft Uno special card section a little bit further down the page.

Minecraft Uno gameplay

Uno Minecraft Gameplay

The player to the left of the dealer starts by matching the first card in the Discard pile. Like regular Uno, all players have to match the card’s number, color, or symbol.

  • The special cards can only be placed upon a card with the same color, as long as it is your turn.
  • The Wild cards can be played on any color, as long it is your turn.

Uno Minecraft cards

    Example: If the card in the discard pile is a yellow 5, the next player in line have to play:

    • A yellow Minecraft Uno card
    • A 5 card
    • One of the special cards that match
    • One of the Wild cards

    If you don’t have a matching card, you draw a new card from the Draw pile. If you draw a card that matches, you can (but don’t have to) play it.

    Remember that you never need to play a card, even though you have a matching one on your hand. But if you don’t play the card, you have to draw a new one from the pile (and play it or not play it as well).

    Uno Minecraft Action cards

    Uno Minecraft action cards

    The action cards make the game of Uno extremely exciting and fun! If you are familiar with the original Uno or any other version, the Minecraft Uno action cards will look familiar.

    Granted, the design is different, based on Minecraft, but the action cards are basically the same. With the exception of one card that is added.

    Let’s take a look at each one of the unique Uno Minecraft cards. If you want to learn more about each card, you can also check out our extensive Uno FAQ and, in particular, our special Uno FAQ special Uno card rules – section.

    Minecraft skip card

    Uno Minecraft Skip card

    When played, the skip card forfeits the next player’s turn. In other words, the next player loses his or her turn. You can not play another skip card upon a skip card. At least according to the official rules.

    A popular house rule is that the player who is supposed to be skipped can play another Skip card on the first card. But as we already noted, if you play with the official rules, this is not allowed.

    If the skip card is turned up as the first card, the first player is simply skipped.

    Minecraft Uno reverse card

    Minecraft Uno Reverse card

    The reverse card shifts the gameplay from going clockwise to going counter-clockwise and vice versa. This card can be played upon another Uno reverse card and any matching color, of course.

    If the reverse card is turned up as the first card, the gameplay is reversed, and the dealer goes f

    Draw 2 card minecraft

    Draw 2 card

    The Draw 2 card can force the next player in line to draw two cards from the draw pile and loses her or his turn.

    A popular house rule is that the player who is supposed to draw 2 cards can play another Draw 2 cards on the first card. This is called “stacking” and is not allowed according to the official rules but is a popular way to modify the original Uno Rules. Read the Uno Rules PDF here.

    If turned up as the first card, the first player draws two cards and loses their turn.

    Wild card

    Minecraft Uno Wild card

    The Wild card can be played on any color and allows the player who played the card to choose which color they want the card to represent. However, the player who plays the card can’t play a second card simultaneously; only select the color.

    If the Wild card is turned up at the beginning as the first card, the first player chooses what color t

    Wild Card Draw 4

    Wild Draw 4 card

    Similar to the Wild card, this card can be played on top of all colors. But there is a twist, the next player also needs to draw four cards and loses their turn. Besides that, the player that plays the card gets to choose the color the card should represent, just like the Wild card.

    Just remember: This card can only be played if a player has no other matching color cards on your hand. This rule is often disregarded in the house rules, but according to the official rules, you cannot play it if you have a matching color (matching symbols are ok).

    If you suspect any player is playing the Wild Draw 4 card illegally in Minecraft Uno (as well as any other Uno game), you can request a challenge. If the card, in fact, was played unlawfully, the player who played the card must pick up four cards himself/herself. But if you are wrong, you have to pick up the four cards plus an additional two cards! Please note that it is only the player whose turn it is that can challenge!

    As the only card, the Wild Draw 4 card is added back to the Draw pile, and the draw pile should be reshuffled if the card is turned up at the beginning of the play as the first card.

    Minecraft creeper Uno card

    Uno Minecraft Creeper card

    The Creeper card is a unique Minecraft Uno card specially added to the Minecraft Uno card deck. The card is considered a Wild card and can be played on any color.

    What makes the Minecraft Uno creeper card so special is that it:

    • Must be played at once if drawn from the draw pile.
    • All other players must pick up three cards from the draw pile.
    • You can choose the color the card is supposed to represent.

    However, this special Uno Minecraft card does not have to be played if you are dealt it at the beginning of the game or when drawing it as a punishment (When a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 card is played or if you forget to say Uno and it is noticed).

    If turned up as the first card, the first player chooses the color to start.

    Going out - Who wins?

    Going out

    The Minecraft Uno rules for finishing the game are the same as in regular Uno. Before you play your second to the last card, you need to say or yell “Uno!” Which means “one” in Spanish and Italian.

    If you don’t say Uno when playing the second to last card and someone notices and calls you out,  before the next player starts their turn, you get a four-card penalty! However, many people play with a two-card penalty, but the official rules state four cards.

    “Starts their turn” is when the player draws a card from their hand or the Draw pile.

    Minecraft Uno!

    The player who discards all their cards is declared the winner, and all points are calculated. The first to 500 points wins!

    If the last card is a Draw 2 or Draw four or the Uno Minecraft Creeper card, the player or player needs to draw the remaining cards. This is important because it counts towards the scoring.

    Which leads us to our next question, How do you score Minecraft Uno?

    Uno Minecraft rules scoring

    Uno Minecraft Scoring

    Scoring is easy thanks to our scoring table. Just add up the value of all cards, and the winner gets all the points.

    • All number cards (0-9) – Face value
    • Draw 2 card – 20 points
    • Reverse card – 20 points
    • Skip card – 20 points
    • Wild – 50 points
    • Wild Draw 4 – 50 points
    • Uno Minecraft Creeper card – 50 points

    There you have it, folks, the official Uno Minecraft rules. If you like this guide, don’t forget to check out our official Uno rules guide and Uno Attack Rules. Other popular games that you can read about here on are the Dos card game (Uno’s funny cousin) and Uno Flip which puts the whole game on it’s head. You can also check out the Mattel website.

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