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Take the popular card game Uno and combine it with one of the most popular video-game characters, and what do you get?

Super Mario Uno, of course! Super Mario Uno cards look much like the regular deck with the exception of 2 cards. These 2 cards include Mario and take the Uno game to new levels right by your table without the need for any console!

How do you play Super Mario Uno? First of all, you need to learn the regular Uno rules so let’s have a look at them to refresh your memory. Ensure that everyone who joins the game is aware of these rules plus the extra Super Mario Uno rules.

Super Mario Uno
Play Super Mario Uno with the basic Uno rules

Play Super Mario Uno with the basic Uno rules

The Super Mario Uno rules are very similar to the regular Uno rules. Let’s recap them before we take a closer look at the Super Mario Uno ones. The goal of Uno is to get rid of all cards and collect 500 points. To do so, you will place cards on the discard pile and try to avoid drawing new cards. The setup is easy enough:

  • You can play 2-10 players
  • Each player is dealt 7 cards
  • There is a draw pile
  • There is a discard pile that starts with one card from the draw pile
  • The player to the left of the dealer starts
  • If you don’t have a card to place on the discard pile, you need to draw one
  • If the card you draw can be played, you can play it

A fundamental Uno rule is the one that states that you have to call out Uno to win your round. When you play a card and have one left on your hand, it is time to shout Uno. If you forget, you must draw 2 cards. If someone calls Uno before you, you must also draw the cards.

These are the basic rules, and now we will have a look at the unique cards used in Super Mario Uno. The Super Mario Uno cards have a special design with the characters from the Nintendo game. Most of them are the special cards you find in regular Uno games but with an excellent Super Mario design.

Feel free to use our quickstart guide, which you can download, print, or save on your phone as a picture. In that way, you always have a quick reference guide to the Uno Rules. You can also download our beautiful and easy-to-read full Uno Rule PDF here.

Uno Rules - How to play Uno - infographic
Super Mario Uno cards

Super Mario Uno cards

The Skip card

If you play the Skip card, the next player will lose their turn. They are skipped. You can play the Skip card on a matching colored card or on another Skip card. Should a game start with a Skip card, the player that sits to the dealer’s left is skipped. The player to the left of this player will start instead.

The Wild card

With the Wild card, you get to decide on color moving on. You can play the Wild card regardless of what other cards you have on your hand. Should a Super Mario Uno game start with the Wild card, the player will choose a color to the dealer’s left.

The Reverse card

With the Reverse card, the direction of the play will change. If you are playing to the left and the Reverse card is placed on the discard pile, the play will move to the right. You can put the Reverse card on a matching-colored card or on another Reverse card. Should the game begin with a Reverse card, the dealer will start.

The Draw 2 card

With the Draw 2 card, you make the next player draw 2 cards. This player also misses his turn. You can play a Draw 2 card on another Draw 2 card or on a matching-colored card. Should the game start with this card, the first player to play has to draw 2 cards and then misses his turn.

The Wild Draw 4 card

With the Wild Draw 4 card, you decide on the color, and you make the next player draw 4 cards, after which he loses his turn. But be aware that you can only play this card if you don’t have another card that matches the card’s color on the discard pile.

You can play this card if you have a matching numbered card or another action card. If you bluff and the other players call you on it, you must draw 6 new cards. If you were not bluffing, the player that tested you must draw 4 new cards from the draw pile.
Should this card be turned up as the first card in the game, you need to put it back in the draw pile and start with another card.

Wild open card

There is also a Wild card with space for you to write in a house rule on the card. You can make up any rule, and the card is made from material that makes it easy to erase what you wrote to change it. Together with your special rule, you get to choose the color with this Wild card.
Should the game start with this card, the player to the dealer’s left will pick a color.

Super Star card

If an opponent plays a Draw 2 or Draw 4 card on you, you can answer back with a Super Star card. With this card, you make them draw 2 or 4 cards themselves. The Super Star card is also a Wild card. You get to pick a color with it. Should the game start with the Super Star card, the player to the dealer’s left will choose the color.

Scoring in Super Mario Uno

Scoring in Super Mario Uno

To win the game, you need to collect 500 points with all your rounds. This can take time. It will be faster if your opponents are left with the higher scoring cards as you exit the game.

Uno Super Mario scoring works according to the following:

  • Numbered cards – According to face value
  • Draw 2, Reverse, and Skip – 20 points
  • All Wild cards and Super Star – 20 points


How to write the house rules

How to write the house rules

Before the game starts, you need to remove the 2 blank cards where you are to write the house rules for Super Mario Uno. All players have to agree to the rules you write on the cards. You can use a regular erasable pencil to write these rules.

If you don’t want to write the house rules on the house rule Super Mario Uno cards, you can write them on paper instead. You can use the same house rule for the 2 cards, so this is easy enough.

Who will enjoy the Super Mario Uno card game?

Who will enjoy the Super Mario Uno card game?

This game is recommended for players from 7 years and up. It is not much more complicated than regular Uno. If you like Uno, you will most likely enjoy the Uno Super Mario card game. But if you feel that standard Uno has enough rules as it is, Super Mario Uno might be too tricky for you.

Super Mario Uno is also a good choice if you know Super Mario and his friends from the video games. All cards are decorated with this theme which is fun when you recognize it. Even if you’ve never played a Super Mario game, you will find the characters on the card humorous and cute.

This card game is easy to learn, and you can choose the level of the house rule. It is also possible to play without this card if you want to skip it. It is possible to adjust the game a bit depending on who is in it. Super Mario Uno is an excellent choice for grandparents who want to play with grandchildren and groups of friends looking for an entertaining game.

Have a deck of Super Mario Uno cards ready for:

  • Family time
  • Rainy days
  • Trips in car, airplane, bus, or train
  • Camping
  • Cruises

A Super Mario Uno game comes in handy when you need easy but fun entertainment for 2 to 10 people. It unites and gives you at least 20 minutes of fun activity.

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