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UNO Basic Strategies

UNO is a popular card game that’s been part of the Mattel range since 1992. It’s played with 2-10 people, with 108 cards in a standard deck. The aim of the game is to earn 500 points. You do this by being the first to have no cards left and scoring points for cards other players still have.

In this article, you will find the most basic UNO strategies. So if you want an edge over your friends and family in a quick fashion and without anyone knowing, we highly recommend you to read this article!

Uno the best basic strategies basic strategies

Counting Cards

Counting cards is the act of keeping a mental note of what cards have come up. In a game such as UNO, which has many different cards, it can be hard to keep track. However, after just a bit of practice, you can figure it out. 

Many players use the method of loci to help them count cards in UNO. This is a mnemonic memory strategy where you place images of each item in an imagined physical location; it could be your house, for example.

Play Cards With Similar Colours First

You should try to get through your cards as quickly as possible when playing UNO. If you have a card matching the card’s colour at the top of the discard pile, you should play it.

This is recommended because it helps you get rid of your cards faster. If you don’t do this, you risk other players getting ahead of you.

Keep the Wild Card Until the End

There are four Wilds in a standard UNO deck. Each one acts as all four colours at once and lets the current player choose the colour to be matched next.

Should you draw a Wild, a good strategy is to hold onto it until the very end of the round. This is because this card can always be played. No matter what the top card of the discard pile is, a Wild can always be played and placed on top.

When Playing a +4 Wild Card, Change the Colour

You can only play the +4 Wild if you don’t have any cards matching the colour of the previously played card. If you play the +4 Wild, it’s suggested that you change the colour to be matched. 

This is because the more cards of different colours you play, the more varied your hand will be. It also prevents players from guessing what cards you have in your hand. 

Play the Reverse Card at the Right Time

If you get a Reverse card, you should save it. The best time to use this card is when the player who’s next to move has fewer cards than you or has declared UNO. Play the Reverse card and reduce the chances of the next player winning.

In two-player games, the Reverse card functions in the same way as the Skip card. This essentially means that you get an extra turn, which can be the difference between you winning and losing.


Applying these UNO strategies should theoretically improve your chances, just like learning a baccarat strategy could help when playing baccarat at an online casino. It won’t gurantee a win, but it may boost your chances and help you play in a more calculated manner. Use strategies for any type of game to improve your gameplay and broaden your understanding of it.

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