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If you want a fun version of Uno, check out Uno Dare! This Uno game is played with special Dare cards. They add a twist to the game that is both exciting and entertaining.

The Uno Dare deck comes with new both playing cards as well as Dare cards. The playing cards are similar to the original Uno cards while the Uno Dare cards each consists of a list with dares.

Anyone can learn how to play Uno Dare, but to do this, you need to know how to play regular Uno, so let’s start by reviewing the Uno rules.

Later on, you will find all the dares that are included in the Uno Dare card deck as well!

Uno Dare
Learn the uno rules

Make sure you know the Uno rules

Before you can play Uno Dare, you need to learn the rules of regular Uno. You can download the full Uno rule PDF, or you can take a moment of your time and read this section. You will find our quickstart guide that is easy to download, print or save as a picture on your phone at the end of it. In short, the game’s objective is to get rid of all the cards on your hand to win the round. The winner will score the points of the remaining cards in the other players’ hands.

You can play 2-10 players and the first one to reach 500 points is the winner. It is also possible to make a shorter version where the winner of the game is the winner of the round.

To play Uno, you do the following:

  1. Each player is dealt 7 cards, one card at a time.
  2. The remaining cards are placed on the table to function as a draw pile.
  3. The top card of the draw pile is flipped to start a discard pile.
  4. The player to the left of the dealer starts.
  5. Cards that match the flipped discard card in color or number can be placed on it.
  6. When players have no matching cards, they have to draw a new card from the draw pile. If this matches the discard card, he can play it.
  7. When playing a card means that you now will have only one card left on your hand; you have to call out Uno so that everyone hears it. If you forget to call out Uno or someone else calls Uno before you, you have to draw another card.
Uno Rules - How to play Uno - infographic
Special cards

The special cards also used in Uno Dare

Remember that you play Uno with a few special cards. These are also in play when you play the Uno Dare card game. You have:

The Skip card

With this card, the next player’s turn is skipped. You can place it on another Skip card or on a card with the same color as your Skip card.

The Reverse card

With this card, the turn goes back to you. You can play it on another Reverse card or on a card with the same color as your Reverse card.

The Dare card

The Dare card can only be played on another Dare card or on a card with a matching color. The player next in turn has two options. Either the player picks up two cards or the player has to carry out the dare shown on the dare card. The card is marked with a # and a number which refer to the Dare list card where all the dares are listed. 

If the player chooses the dare the player needs to complete the dare successfully or suffer the penalty of drawing two cards. If this card is the first card played the starting player must draw two cards or complete the dare.

The Dare Wild card

The Dare Wild card works exactly the same as the Dare Card with the additional option for the player that played the card to choose the color as well. 

Missing cards

If you are a seasoned Uno player you might have noticed that there are some cards missing. The Uno Dare deck does not contain the Draw 2 card or the Wild draw 4 cards.

Uno dare scoring

Uno scoring in Uno Dare

If you want to play till a player reaches 500, you need to remember the score for each Uno Dare card.

The scores are:

Cards 1-9 – Face value

The Skip card – 20 points

The Reverse card – 20 points

The Draw 2 card – 20 points

The Wild card – 50 points

The Draw 4 Wild card – 50 points

You don’t need a particular score sheet to play Uno Dare. It is enough to mark down the score for each round on a regular piece of paper. You might even be able to remember the scores from round to round without writing them down.

Uno dare rules and cards

Uno Dare rules with unique Uno Dare cards

As mentioned above, Uno Dare games are played with special Uno Dare cards, making the game quite different from the original version.

There are 4 Uno Dare cards:

  1. Family
  2. House Rules – Here, you have to write in the dares yourself
  3. Daredevil
  4. Show Off

The Dare card comes with instructions for dares. It can be played on a card of the same color or on another Dare card. It doesn’t matter if another Dare card has a different number on it. You can still play your Dare card on it.

When you play a Dare card, the next player must choose between picking 2 new cards or performing the dare.

Below you can find the original Uno Dare dares, all in one place!

Uno Dare All dares
Which dare to perform

Which dare to perform

If the player picks the dare rather than drawing 2 new cards, the dare will be indicated by the number on the Dare card. You look in the list on the Dare card to see what action needs to be performed.

The player must successfully complete the dare, or they will have to draw 2 new cards from the draw deck.

Is the dare completed

Who decides if the player completed the dare?

It is vital to notice that Uno Dare rules are somewhat subjective in their nature. When it is not apparent what constitutes a competed dare, all the players must agree on this. Make sure to agree on how the dare should be performed.

After that, the players will together rule on whether the player who had to perform a dare has succeeded or not. A little piece of advice is not to be so tough on judging dares. This will make for an easier and funnier game.

It is also important to remember that it is allowed for players to make the dare easier or harder by asking questions, teasing, playing slower, or other similar actions.

The wild dare card

The Wild Dare card

We must also have a look at the Wild Dare card that is unique for this type of Uno. The Wild Dare card can be played in any color. When you play it, you get to pick what color the discard pile is for the next card being played.

You can always play a Wild Dare card. It doesn’t matter if you have another possible play on hand.
If the game starts with a top discarded card that is a Wild Dare card, the player left of the dealer must choose to draw 2 cards or to do a dare from the list. The player also gets to choose the color.

If you end your round with a Wild Dare card, the next player must draw 2 cards. This gives you 2 extra cards to your score.

What is needed

What do you need to play Uno Dare?

You need an Uno Dare card deck to play with, and this can be found in stores online and in regular toy stores. The Uno Dare card deck is not expensive. It will be hard to play Uno Dare with a standard Uno card deck since you do need unique dare cards to play.

If you don’t want to write on the blank Dare card, you might want to make a list for it on a separate piece of paper. This will make it easier to change your homemade dares over time.

A game for all ages

A game for all ages

The Uno Dare game is a good fit for players age 7 and up. Younger players might enjoy the game if they understand the Uno Dare rules. The great thing about this game is that you can gather around a table of all ages. Uno Dare is definitely a game for the family and for groups of friends.

Just make sure to adjust the dares accordingly. It is essential not to choose dares that will make some players feel uncomfortable. The idea is that this game will make you laugh a lot. The dares can be physical and energetic as well as mind games.

Use your imagination and create dares that will suit you and your friends the best. And remember, it is alright to draw cards rather than take on dares when you feel that the dare is just too much for you to stomach!

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