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Emojis are a part of our lives, so Mattel went and developed a particular Emoji version of their Uno card game.

This is a wonderful game for those who love Uno and emojis. In this game, you will play with the regular Uno rules. But special Uno Emoji rules will demand skills in making Emoji faces and holding them!

Before we take a look at the game itself we want to thank the team at for taking the time to create the unique Uno emojis! Be sure to check them out via the link above.

Uno Emoji is a lot of fun but make sure to understand Emoji Uno well before you start dealing the cards. Let’s have a look at the rules and if you should invest in an Uno Emoji game.

Uno Emoji
What is Uno Emoji

What is Uno Emoji?

The Uno Emoji card game is, in essence, a regular Uno card game with a few simple changes. It is made to cause players to experience a little bit more action. The Uno Emoji rules will force participants to make funny faces, and this gets everyone going.

To play an Uno Emoji card game, you must first understand the regular Uno rules, so let’s start by having a quick look at those.

Based on Uno Rules

Uno Emoji rules are build on the regular Uno rules

In Uno, the objective of the game is to be the first one to reach 500 points. To win around and collect the points of the other players’ cards, you need to be the first one to get rid of all of your cards. This can be done by matching them with the top card of the discard pile.

A regular Uno game goes like this:

  • A dealer deals 7 cards to each player
  • A drawing pile is placed on the table
  • One card is flipped up to start a discard pile
  • The player to the left of the dealer begins to play
  • The player can match color, number, or use an action card
  • When a player plays his second to the last card, he has to call Uno!
  • If he forgets to call Uno or another player calls first, he has to draw 2 cards.

Don’t forget that you can read about the Uno rules here or download our Uno Rules as a PDF. You can also check out our Uno quick start guide which is a perfect quick reference guide if you forget how to play Uno.


Uno Rules - How to play Uno - infographic
Uno Emoji Rules

The new Emoji Uno rules

Each card in the Uno Emoji card deck is themed with a different image. You will recognize the pictures from the Emojis that you probably use daily. You will recognize the faces, the thumbs-up sign, the dancing twins in bunny ears, and the poop.

Uno Wild Card Rules

Wild cards with house rules

At the beginning of the game, you need to remove the blank Wild customizable cards. Use a regular pencil and write any house rule on these cards. All players must agree to these rules. Now, these cards can be added to the deck again.

The house rules Wild cards work just like wilds. They can be played on any other card. You are allowed to use them even when you have another playable card on hand. The rule on the card must be followed when you play it. After that, you will pick the color that resumes the play.

It is crucial to write the house rules with a pencil. This will let you erase and change the rules from game to game. Perhaps even during one game in between rounds.

Uno Wild Emoji Card

The Wild Emoji card

When you play the Wild Emoji card, you can also play one of the numbered face cards. The faces appear on cards 0-9. Action cards will not count for the face action in Uno Emoji. In other words you can’t play any of the special cards on top of the Emoji Wild card. Once you have played the Emoji Wild card, the next player must mimic the Emoji face that you picked.

The player has to hold this Emoji face until it is their turn again. Some Uno Emoji rules house state that the player must hold the Emoji face for two rounds. This can be adjusted according to how many players are in the game. Suppose you are playing with a maximum of 10 players. In that case, it might be a little bit too difficult to hold the facial expression for two entire circles of play within the round.

If a player stops making the face before the set time, they must draw 4 cards. But if no one noticed that the player stopped making the face, no penalty is needed. This means that everyone must pay attention. This can get quite tricky when you are both trying to play, hold your own Emoji face, and plan for coming turns.

Since the Wild Emoji card is also a wild, you will determine the color once play resumes. Should the Wild Emoji or regular Wild card be the first card on the discard pile, the player to the left can play any card on it.

Uno Wild Emoji Card

Uno Emoji scoring

The scoring in Uno Emoji is similar to the one in regular Uno. The numbered cards are at face value. The Skip, Reverse, and Draw cards are worth 20 points, and the special Emoji Uno Wild card and the house rule card are worth 50 points.

Use an Uno scoring sheet or simply jot down the score for each round on a piece of paper to keep track of it. If you want a faster Uno Emoji game, you can simply play one single round and let the winner of this one be the winner of the entire game.

Should you get Uno Emoji

Who should get Uno Emoji?

This game is a good pick if you think it could be fun to make faces and hold them while playing Uno. The game comes recommended from age 7. Younger players might still enjoy it, but they will have to understand how the matching and scoring works.

Uno Emoji can create a lot of humorous situations and thereby lead to a lot of laughter. It is a family game but also well suited for a group of friends. Get Uno Emoji for:

  • Rainy days
  • Trips where a compact game will be an asset
  • Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Birthday parties

Also, note that this is a fun gift that will fit most. You can give it to a child, a friend, or a couple that throws a move-in party. Since the Uno Emoji game works for 2 to 10 players, it is pretty flexible and will accommodate larger groups of friends.

Looking at Uno Emoji reviews, it is also clear that this is a game that grandparents enjoy playing with grandchildren. This includes grandparents that aren’t as familiar with the Emoji collection as the grandchildren are. You don’t have to know Emojis from before to understand the game.

The interactivity of the game is also appreciated. The possibility of making house rules is engaging and something that makes it possible to create your own unique twists for the game.

Interesting to note is that health professionals working with children and teens with emotional issues recommend this type of game. It provides a platform to work on the identification of feelings in a relaxed and fun way. Therapists working with children can benefit from having this game at hand for this type of exercise.

Where can you buy Uno Emoji

Where can you buy Uno Emoji?

You can pick up an Uno Emoji card deck at most toy stores. However, this is a pretty popular Uno game, and therefore it happens that it sells out locally. But if you buy it online, it should be readily available and at low prices.

The Uno game comes in a nice card box that makes it easy to track the cards when you are not using them. This box also makes it handy to bring your Uno Emoji game along on trips. If you buy a used Uno Emoji game, the box might not be in mint condition. Since the game is cheap, it might be wiser to opt for a new game.

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