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Mattel took the classic game Uno and developed it with new twists. Uno flip is a card game for players that love Uno as well as for people who have never tried the original game. Since this is a double-sided deck, you actually get two different Uno games in one!

We will have a look at how to play Uno flip, Uno flip rules, and strategies for a better game. But let’s start by understanding a bit better what Uno flip is…

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Uno flip

What is Uno flip?

Uno flip is just like the original, Uno, a matching game with colorful cards. You need to match numbers and colors in order to get rid of the cards you have in your hand. The game can be played with 2 to 10 players.

This Uno version has been designed to give the players a certain competitive edge. There is a Flip card with which you can have all the cards turned over! This includes the draw pile. With the Flip card, the whole game flips into a new direction.

An Uno flip card has a light side with a light border and a dark side with a dark border.

How to play Uno flip

Uno flip instructions – How to play Uno flip, step by step

A round of the Uno flip card game begins with playing the light side of the cards. Each player will be dealt 7 cards, 1 card at a time. After this, the remaining deck will be placed into the middle. The top card of the remaining deck is flipped up to start the discard pile.

Objective of the game

Objective of the Uno flip card game

The game’s objective is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards on your hand. It is possible to place cards that match the top card on the discard pile. Cards that match in number or color can be placed on it.

If the top card is a red 5 and you have a red 9, you can place it on the red 5. After that, you could place a green 9 on the red 9, and so on.

The special uno flip cards

The special Uno flip cards

There are several special Uno flip cards that you need to understand before you start playing. If you don’t know the Uno flip cards meaning, it is hard to play the game. Let us look at each card and its meaning…

The Skip card – This is the card with a crossed-over oval. A Skip card can be played on a matching-colored discard card or on a previous skip. When this card is played, the next player’s turn is skipped.

The Reverse card – This card has the arrow symbols for reverse. It can be played on a matching-colored discard or on a previous reverse card. When this card is played, the direction of the flip Uno play is reversed.

The Draw 1 card – This is the card with a +1 on it. It can be played on a matching-colored discard. It can also be played on a previous Draw one card. When this card is played, the next player will have to draw 1 card from the draw pile. After that, the play moves to the next player.

The Wild card – This is the card with an oval in four colors. When this card is played, the player that plays it will state a color. Now the next player must play a card in the stated color.

The Wild Draw 2 card – This card looks like the Wild card and has +2 printed on it. If this card is played, the player of the card states a color. After this, the next player has to draw 2 cards. Then the next player will play a card of the color stated by the player that played the Wild Draw 2 card.

The Flip card – Flip Uno got its name from the function of this card. This card can be played on a matching-colored discard. This will flip the side of the deck that is being played. Now the discard pile will be flipped and the draw deck, and all the players’ cards. This means that the game will be played with the values on the opposite side of the Uno flip cards.

All Uno Flip Cards light side

Dark side special cards

We should also mention the Uno flip card meaning for the dark side cards.

The Reverse card – This is the card that will reverse the turn when played on a matching-colored discard or on a previous reverse.

The Wild card – This Wild card works just like the Wild card for the light side of the Uno flip cards.

The Skip Everyone card – This card has a return-type arrow on it. It can be played on a matching-colored discard card. It can also be played on a previous Skip Everyone card. The name of the card pretty much makes it clear what this is about; with this card, everyone else is skipped for one turn! The player that played the Skip Everyone card gets to play another card.

The Draw 5 card – This card has the symbol +5 on it. It can be played on a matching-colored discard. It can also be played on a previous Draw 5 card. When you play this card, the next player must draw 5 new cards from the draw pile. After this, the play moves to the next player.

The Wild Draw Color card – This card has a symbol of many cards and an arrow pointing up. With this card, the player playing it will state a color. Now the next player will have to draw cards from the draw pile until they get the stated color. The drawing player loses their turn to play a card. The next player continues by playing a card of the color stated by the player that played the Wild Draw Color card.

The Flip card – With the dark-sided Flip card, you will flip everything back to play with the light side of the cards again.

It can take some time to memorize the Uno flip card meanings, and it can be a good idea to have them at hand when you start. Once you get the hang of it, everyone will know exactly what each Uno flip card means!

All Uno Flip Cards Dark side
Gameplay how to play uno flip

Going through an Uno flip game

Let’s quickly move through a typical Uno Flip game.

  1. The player sitting to the left of the dealer will play first.
  2. According to the Uno flip rules, the player will make a match or draw a new card from the draw pile.
  3. If the drawn card can be played, the player can play it right away.
  4. If the player cannot play the drawn card, play moves to the next player according to the direction of the play.
  5. The play moves on with the players continuing to play and take cards according to the Uno flip rules.
  6. When the Flip card is played, all cards on the table and on the players’ hands are flipped.
  7. The player to match their last card wins the round.
Uno Flip scoring

Uno flip scoring

You can choose to play Uno flip by letting the person who wins the round be the winner of the entire game. But it is also possible to play with Uno flip scoring. In this case, the player who wins the round is awarded the score of the remaining cards.

The score is based on the cards on the other players’ hands.

The Uno flip cards have the following values:

  • Cards 1-9 – Face value
  • Draw +1 card – 10 points
  • Skip card – 20 points
  • Reverse card – 20 points
  • Draw +5 card – 20 points
  • Flip card – 20 points
  • Skip Everyone card – 30 points
  • Wild card – 40 points
  • Wild Draw +2 card – 50 points
  • Wild Draw Color card – 60 points

The first player to 500 points wins the Uno flip game!

Uno Flip scoring and cards
Keep in mind when playing

Important to remember when you play Uno flip

There are many Uno flip instructions to keep track of, but don’t worry. With every round, you will start to remember them, and then you can play with Uno flip strategy.

Some important points to remember are:

  • A player with only 1 card left must announce Uno!
  • If a player forgets to announce Uno and another player does so instead, the first player with one card left has to draw 2 new cards from the draw pile.
  • The Wild Draw +2 card and the Wild Draw Color card can only be played if the player of the card does not have another card on hand that matches the color of the discard card. But these 2 special cards can be played by a player that has a matching number or another special card.
  • If the draw pile runs out of cards before the round is over, take the discard pile and re-shuffle it to use it as a new draw pile.
  • If the first discard card is a Skip card, the player to the left of the dealer is skipped, and the turn moves to the next player.
  • If the first discard card is a Reverse card, the dealer starts the play. Now play will move counterclockwise.
  • If the first discard card is a Draw +1, the player to the left of the dealer draws 1 card, and then the play moves to the next player.
  • If the first discard card is a Wild card, the player to the left of the dealer will choose the color.
  • If the first discard card is a Wild Draw +2, the card will be placed back randomly into the draw pile, and a new card is flipped up.
  • If the first discard card is a Flip card, all the cards on the table are flipped to the dark side.
Uno Flip Challenge a player

You can challenge a player in Uno flip!

There is an element of trust in Uno Flip in that you can’t know 100% that a player has played a Wild Draw +2 card without having a matching card on hand. If you suspect fraud, you can challenge the player.

When you do this, the player that you suspect of cheating has to show their hand. Should you be right in your assumption of the player lying about having no matching cards on hand, the challenged player must draw 2 new cards.

If you are wrong, and the player is innocent of cheating, you will have to draw 2 cards and another 2 cards. So, you’d better think through if it is worth the risk of another 4 cards to expose a player that might be lying about his hand.

Uno Flip online

Uno flip online

Yes, you can play Uno flip online! This is easy, and you can find free Uno flip games that will work in your browser as well as downloads. The rules of online Uno flip games might differ slightly from the original card game, but the objective stays the same. You need to be the first one to get rid of all your cards to win the game.

Just check if the free Uno game online is really Uno. There are similar games that claim to be Uno card games online, but really they are versions of the original game with different names. This might not bother you, but be sure of what you play and that you’ve got the rules for Uno flip or another similar game right.

Uno multiplayer online can work through sites that will help you create Uno rooms. You can invite friends to your Uno room which is basically a type of chat room. Everyone can hook up from different devices to this type of multiplayer Uno flip online.

Uno Flip app

Playing Uno flip with app

You can use an Uno flip app to play Uno for free on your smartphone or tablet. There are free Uno flip apps for iOS as well as for Android, and other systems. You can use apps to play Uno flip by yourself or to hook up with friends or people from around the world.

When to play Uno Flip

When is Uno flip a good choice of game?

When you want to play something that lasts a bit longer and fits many players, Uno flip is a good choice. 

Have Uno flip ready for:

  • Rainy days when you and the kids are cooped up inside.
  • Holidays when family and friends gather without any specific plan for what to do.
  • Travel when you might be stuck in a car, train, bus, or airplane for hours without any sound activity.
  • Cruise trips when you want some cool activity for your own cabin.
  • Parties for younger children and young adults that would like to launch a competitive game as part of the celebration.
Who can play uno flip

Who can play Uno flip?

Almost anyone can play Uno flip and that is a great advantage of this game. It is made for ages 7 and up. Having said that, most would call this a family game. It is well suited for groups of mixed ages.

You don’t have to have prior experience of Uno to play Uno flip. In fact, it might even be easier to play it without having tried the original first. In gatherings where some have played classic Uno, it is well advised to go through the Uno flip rules carefully.

Some examples of people who enjoy Uno flip are:

  • Grandparents playing with other grandparents or with children and grandchildren.
  • Parents looking for a nice family game for everyone.
  • Homeschoolers that want to play games that stimulate mathematical thinking.
  • School children wanting a nice game for weekends and vacations.
  • Young adults that like to play family games with friends and siblings.

The list can go on and on. This game is really suitable for most. Just remember that you will need a bit of patience and it will be an advantage if you are not a bad loser. If you feel that getting penalties will be too much for you, there are better card games. Even original Uno might be a better choice for you.

Uno Flip Strategy

Uno flip strategy – How do you play Uno flip to win?

You have to remember that there is a clear element of luck to this game. Unless you tamper with the card deck, you can’t tell what cards you will get. But you can make the most with the cards that you do get by playing them right.

Let’s have a look at some useful Uno flip strategies that could help you win this game more often…

Learn the rules!

Don’t launch into the game before you understand the rules. See if you can play one or two rounds with open cards. This way, you can also check that your opponents know the rules. That will let you know if they are experienced enough to cheat with the Draw +4 card or if they are inexperienced enough to cheat with this card without knowing it.

Keep an eye on your opponents.

You can’t know what they have on hand, but you can see how many cards they have left on their hand. Use the Reverse card when you can to make an opponent have to draw more cards when possible.

If you notice that a player keeps changing to a certain color, this is the color you want to avoid! Try to change to other colors as much as you can so that this player cannot so easily get rid of his cards.

You can also notice if another player has to draw new cards when you are playing a specific color. If this happens, this is the color you want to continue playing, making this player draw even more cards!

Keep the score on your hand low.

Once the game progresses, you are getting ready for someone to leave it and win. At this point, you don’t want to leave a high score on your hand. Because of this, many mean that a good Uno flip strategy is to get rid of high scorecards as soon as possible.

You should at least try to do this when you see that some players are close to getting rid of their cards, and you still have quite a few on your hand.

Some cards are good to keep

If you get Draw +2 and Draw +4 cards, they can be smart to keep a bit. You can use them for emergencies and hinder other players from winning when they have to draw new cards. Try to stay a bit cool with these cards when the Uno flip game begins!

Change color when you can

Changing the color can give you many advantages. One is that players can’t go through with their plan when you come and change the color on them. At the same time, this move can be very confusing.

It is harder to figure out what you have on hand when you keep changing color. This technique can also lead to better diversion on your hand. That way, you will maximize your chances of having a proper card when it is your turn.

You use the Wild card to change color. Pick something that isn’t so obvious. Be a bit brave, and don’t always go with the color you have the most of on your hand. It can lead to surprising results.

Don’t play your action cards too early in the game.

The action cards are handy towards the end of the game when your opponents have fewer cards on their hands. But think this through. If you have cards of different colors and see that your opponent is about to win the game, you might not want to use your Wild right away. Drawing new cards could actually be a way to do something more powerful with the cards that you do have.

Play with poker face

This is a strategy for most card games. If you start smacking your lips and singing little songs as soon as you peak at your cards, you make your opponents understand that you have a strong hand. This unless they know that you are acting.

There are many ways to use your body language and voice to distract your opponents from understanding what type of cards you have on hand. Also, consider holding your cards as one pile when you are not playing with them. That makes it harder for other players to keep track of how many cards you have left on your hand.

Practice makes perfect

Take every chance you get to play another round of Uno flip! Playing a lot will make you realize how you should act in different situations. You can try different Uno flip strategies to find out what works the best for you.

Don’t miss that you can practice Uno flip online for free. Use an Uno flip app or play in your browser against the software or against players you don’t know. It is possible to play Uno flip online or with an app at any time of the day.

Gang up on the winner

Don’t be mean to other players when you can be mean together to the winning player! If you notice that the winner needs a certain color, you can cooperate with other players to make it harder for them to get it. That means that you might want to draw a new card rather than messing with another player.

Do everything to stop players from going out.

Check through your hand and see what is on the discard pile and think hard. When a player calls Uno, it is time to act. Do what you can to make them draw more cards and stay in the game.

Call Uno before others

This is a sweet one with this type of Uno. You can stop other players from winning by calling Uno before them. This is another reason that it is so important to keep an eye on how many cards your opponents have on their hands. If you are fast enough, you can prolong the game and increase your chance of winning it.

Lose with dignity

It might feel hard to lose, that is understandable. Especially when it is a little kid or someone you would have very much liked to beat that wins. But try to lose with dignity. That ensures that those you play with are willing to play one more game. This gives you the chance to put them in place once and for all!

Where to buy uno flip

Where can you buy Uno flip card decks?

Since Uno is such a popular game, you will find it in toy stores near you. But you can also stay home and order an Uno flip card game from an online store. There is Uno flip at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and other online buying platforms.

The game is usually priced around 10 dollars, but sometimes you can find cheaper card decks. Just make sure to check if it is a new or a used Uno flip. This game can get quite worn when you play it frequently. Therefore, a used Uno flip deck might not be so attractive.

With a new Uno flip deck, you ensure that the cards are not marked with scratches or other signs that will make it possible to know which one it is. 

You might also want to buy a package with several Uno games or a combination of Uno and Phase 10 or Uno and Skip bo. Sometimes stores can give you special card games packages for a better price. Consider if you would like to save some money on getting more card games at once.

If you buy Uno games online, it is easier to compare prices. But know that it is rarely a big price difference between different stores. Collector’s decks can be much more expensive but this is hardly what you are looking for when you are buying Uno flip to play with or give away.

Don’t miss that an Uno card game is a wonderful gift. If you are buying Uno flip for your own family anyway, you might want to get one or two more games to keep as gifts for birthday parties, and other occasions that call for a lovely gift.

Uno Flip FAQ

10 questions and answers about Uno flip

Here are some common questions about Uno flip and the answers that can help you to a better Uno flip game! If you are looking for more questions and answers check out the webbs biggest Uno FAQ!

How many players can play Uno flip?

Uno flip can be played with 2-10 players. If you play Uno flip online, you can play alone against the software or app.

Can you finish an Uno game with a Wild card?

Yes, it is possible to end an Uno game with an action card. Keep in mind that the game is not over for your friends if you win with a Draw +2 card or a Wild Draw +4 card. They have to draw 2 or 4 cards before the Uno flip scoring can begin!

Is Uno flip the best Uno game?

Many believe that it is. Uno flip tops lists of the best Uno games, but other versions are equally intriguing. Don’t miss versions like Uno Fast Fun and Cardinal Giant Uno Giant Game.

Can you play a Draw +4 on a Draw +4 card?

No, you can’t do this. Mattel’s Uno rules clearly state that the next player will miss their turn and draw 4 cards from the pile. They can’t cancel this by playing another Draw +4 card even if they have it on hand.

Can you play a Reverse card on a Draw card?

Yes, if someone plays a Draw card on you and you are supposed to draw a certain number of cards, you can play a Reverse card on them. But it must be a Reverse card of the same color. When you do this, the penalty of drawing cards bounces back to the player that played the Draw card!

Is Uno flip suitable for kids?

The recommendation is from 7 years old. But notice that Uno flip can get quite complicated, not to mention a bit tough with the special penalties. Some children find it hard to accept penalties like having to draw many cards. For them, the classic Uno game might be a better choice.

Is Uno flip a difficult card game?

There are some twists to Uno flip that you need to learn. You need to check into the Uno flip card meanings, but they are not difficult to understand. It should not take many rounds of the game to get the hang of it.

What happens when you play Uno flip and forget to say, Uno?

Then you will have to remember to say it before someone else notices that you forgot! If someone else already said Uno before you did, you have to draw 2 cards, and you are not yet the winner of the game. 

Can you play Uno flip with regular playing cards?

That will be hard since you need more than jokers and kings to make up for all the special cards. It is a better idea to get a real Uno flip card deck.

Will you have to shout Uno two times?

When you have 1 card left, you must say Uno to win the game when playing this card. But when you play your last card, you don’t have to repeat Uno. You play it and win!

Uno Flip Facts

Interesting Uno and Uno flip facts

Uno is not a new game, but Uno flip is a novel version. Here are some interesting Uno and Uno flip facts that you might not have heard about before.

Uno means 1 in 2 languages.

Uno is the name of the game, and it means 1 in both Spanish and Italian.

Uno flip is 2 games in 1

It is possible to call Uno flip 2 games in one since the Uno flip cards have 2 sides. But the 2 sides are used in the same game using the special Flip card that makes the game move over to the dark or the light side of the cards.

Mattel produces the game.

Mattel is the company that owns the right to the Uno games, and they are the ones that produced the sequels such as Uno flip, Uno Attack, Dos card game and Minecraft Uno, to name a few to the original Uno game.

Many penalties

What is unique for Uno flip are all the penalties. In this version of Uno, there are many situations where players will have to draw more cards. It also has the special Challenge rule where you can challenge a player on the cards on his hand when he plays a Draw +4 card.

Good reviews from the experts

The Uno flips reviews from card game experts have been positive. Only the rule for winning by calling out Uno first has been criticized. Apart from this, card game experts seem to be united in their opinion of the new Uno twists as refreshing and fun.

Uno Flip player reviews

Uno flip player reviews

Since this is a trendy game, there are plenty of Uno flip player reviews to learn from. Here are some common opinions on the game from players from all over the world:

Hard in the beginning, but then a lot of fun.

A lot of people comment that it is a bit hard to learn the Uno flip rules. They are different, and this demands a learning period. But once you get the rules, the game is fun and thrilling.

Fun for tease and talking

Uno flip reviews also reveal that this Uno game makes friends tease and chat more. Some think that this is great fun. All the penalties can stimulate wilder gameplay and some extra teasing. Others think that this is not a nice way to play a game with family and friends.

Since this game is on the competitive side, it might be good to note and not play it with friends and family that are very poor losers. Including yourself…

Perfect game for the family

Families that can handle competitive games find Uno flip amazingly fun. It is a very social game and something that many can gather around. With the possibility of playing up to 10 players, it is a card game that fits larger families and groups of friends.

Hard to play the classic version after playing Uno flip 

You should also note that some Uno flip player reviews warn you of the risk of finding regular Uno boring after playing Uno flip. When you get used to all the twists of flip, the classic Uno game might seem too bland.

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