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Introduce your young children to the extremely popular game of  Uno by getting the Uno Moo game. Uno Moo is a preschooler version of the classic card game Uno. Here you play with a barn and farm animals instead of Uno cards.

The game’s objective is, as can be expected to get rid of all the animals hiding behind your haystack. The Moo version of Uno is easy enough, but there are some Uno Moo rules to understand before you start playing.

Let’s have a look at Uno Moo, the Uno Moo rules, and who might be interested in getting this game.

Uno Moo game
What is uno moo

What is Uno Moo?

Uno Moo is a matching game that comes with a little barn made out of plastic. Inside the barn, there are figures of animals and farmers. You can open the roof of the barn as well as a hatch where you will place figures and knock them into the barn again.

The game is a simple version of Uno with a similar objective but a design that makes it perfect for younger children. Each Uno Moo game comes with:

  • 24 figures
  • Barn
  • Haystack for hiding figures

The rules off Uno Moo differ from the original Uno Rules but are very simple to learn and understand, even for the smaller children. The game caters to children aged 3 to 6. 


How to play uno moo

How to play Uno Moo

Since you will be playing the Uno Moo preschool game with younger children, you should tell the Uno Moo game directions to everyone who wants to play. You can do this sweepingly and then repeat specific rules later on when you are in the game.

After going through the Uno Moo instructions, do the following:

  • Mix the 24 figures inside the barn.
  • Let each player pick 5 figures from the barn. This should be done without looking into the barn.
  • Place one random figure from the barn on the hatch door, located at one of the top sides of the building.
  • The youngest player starts by trying to match the animal standing on the barn door. The match can be by color or by type of animal.
  • When there is a match, the animal standing on the latch door will be pushed into the barn, and the new figure takes its place.
  • If the player does not have a matching color or animal, they must draw an animal from the barn. If this animal can’t be played, the turn moves to the next player.
Calling out moo

Calling out Uno Moo

When a player has only two animals left and plays the second one, it is time to call out Uno Moo or just Moo. If this is not done, and another player calls out moo first, the player must take 2 new animals from the farm as a penalty.

This is similar to calling out Uno in a regular Uno game. It is pretty vital to make the gameplay exciting. Small children might need a little help to remember saying moo, and it is advisable not to be too tough on this rule with younger children that find it frustrating.

Special figures

The special figures in the Uno Moo game

Just like an Uno card deck, the Uno Moo game has special figures. They are:

  • The Skunk – This is a skip figure. When it is used, the next player’s turn is skipped. You can play a Skunk figure if it matches the figure on the latch door in color. You can also play a Skunk on a Skunk.
  • The Farmer – Farmers act as wild symbols. You can always play a Farmer if you have one. This figure matches all figures in the game. When you play a Farmer, you get to pick the color. Should the game start with a Farmer figure on the door, the first player gets to choose the color to begin with.
Benefits for children

The benefits of playing Uno Moo with little children

Uno Moo is a fun game, and children as young as 3 years old can understand how to play it. But it is not only the entertainment that can be seen as a benefit. The Uno Moo preschool game helps young children learn many different things.

With Uno Moo, a child can learn:

  • Colors
  • Animals
  • Matching symbols and colors
  • Strategic thinking

A round of Uno Moo is never too long. Even children who find it hard to sit still for more extended periods can enjoy this game. It can develop a better ability to pay attention and make learning and focusing fun for the child.

Uno Moo also lets the child work on memory as it is a form of memory game. The child has to observe, think and plan the next moves. Children also enjoy the colorful Uno Moo game pieces and play with them while waiting for their turn in the game.

Since the game is easy and enjoyable, it can be a perfect choice for siblings of different ages. It is not uncommon to play Uno Moo with groups of children aged 3 to 6. This makes the game well suited to families with children of different ages and preschool groups of mixed ages.

Who should get the game

Who should get an Uno Moo game?

As any Uno Moo game review will tell you, this is a family game! It is a perfect choice for any family with small children. You can play it with 2 to 4 players. The pieces are made to be safe for children as young as 3 to be played with.

This is an excellent game to have on hand when:

  • Kids are on vacation from preschool.
  • You are on a trip and need a fun game for the road.
  • The family is gathered for a holiday.
  • The kids are having a party and need a fun activity.
  • Sick days when you have to stay home.

Uno Moo is also a lovely gift for a small child. If you need something for an upcoming visit or a birthday party, this will be an excellent choice. Kids love the game, as well as adults that appreciate the wholesome activity.

Uno Moo is also an excellent game for the preschool or playgroup. It will keep young children busy, and many times, you don’t even need an adult to supervise the game.

Uno Moo is greatly appreciated because it brings young children, siblings, friends, and grownups together. It is a game that is easy to understand, and yet it is not dull. Not even for adults that decide to play with the children.

If you want your kids to eventually learn to play Uno, this is a perfect start. Uno Moo teaches thinking and makes it easier for kids to learn how to play the Uno card games once they are 7 years old or ready for it. So, you might want to buy Uno Moo, thinking ahead if you are a parent that loves to play Uno card games.

Where can you get Uno moo

Where can you get Uno Moo?

Regular toy stores should have Uno Moo games. But you can easily find an Uno Moo game online. The price should be around 15 dollars. Used Uno Moo games might be cheaper, but they will not come with Uno Moo game instructions and could also be without certain parts like the haystacks.

If you’ve lost Uno Moo pieces, you might be able to find them online from private sellers that are selling incomplete Uno Moo games. Just check that the version of Uno Moo matches the one you have. The previous Uno Moo games only had 24 pieces, whereas the newer ones have 28.

Remember to check if you have to pay for shipping if you buy Uno Moo online. Also, look at how long it will take for the game to be delivered to you. This might be especially important when you are giving the game as a gift.

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