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Ok, so you are on a website called Uno Rules, so it’s a pretty good guess that you are interested in Uno. The truth is, we have probably all evolved our own rules as families and groups of players over the years. Many of us have learned how to play from our parents, siblings, and friends. How many of us have actually read the official rules and know how to play? How many arguments could have been resolved if the players had just all agreed at the outset if they were playing by official rules or their own ‘house rules’?

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It started out as Crazy Eights

Uno started out in 1971 when the Robbins family in Ohio loved to play a game called Crazy Eights – a card game for two or more players where the objective was to get rid of all the cards by matching those in the hand to the number or suit of the card on top of the discard pile. However, the game was a bit tricky and could cause ‘friendly’ confrontations. So they marked the cards to make the rules clearer:

· Aces were ‘wild card
· Kings meant play changed direction
· Queens meant the next player missed a turn

Before long, the family realized they had invented a new game – Uno! They produced 5,000 packs of their game and embarked on a road trip to demonstrate and sell their new game. Then, the marketing guys got involved. Bob Tezak set about redesigning the pack and the packaging, and a company called International Games Inc came into being. Old man Merle got a ten percent royalty on each pack sold, and sales went through the roof. In 1992, International Games was bought out by Mattel, and the rest, as they say, is history. All kinds of variations came onto the market including an automatic card dispenser, a wild jackpot simulation and even a braille version.

Spinning the spin-offs

However, it was inevitable that the game was going to create spin-offs. Something as great as Uno would never stand still, particularly once it had the heft of Mattel behind it. Rather like the early fruit machines evolved into what we know today as online slots, the original Uno pack was just the start. Similarly, the simple ‘one-armed bandit’ has evolved into thousands of online slot games, and it can be hard to know which ones are the best. Fortunately, there are plenty of reviews for sites like Jackpot City, known for its multiple jackpots and wide variety of games. These days, you need to know your way around the games before you start playing, as it is no longer a case of just matching up three fruity symbols.

New cards, new rules

It was just like with the customized versions of Uno that came onto the market when the game went global. While the game’s objective remained the same, some simple (and not-so-simple) variations started to be introduced. In the Pirates of the Caribbean deck, a player down to one card did not have to shout Uno but do a pirate impression, which added a good deal of hilarity.

Wild cards gone wild

In other games, the wild cards acquired their own unique rules.

· Angry Birds – the King Pig wild card rule saw the holder getting to choose a color and all other players taking turns to draw cards until one is drawn of the selected color. The King Pig cardholder chooses the color of play.

· Batman Begins – the Justice wild card rule is that the player of the card then distributes cards from their hand to his opponents until they only have one card left. Whoever is dealt that last card gets to choose the color of play, and the game resumes. With any luck, in the excitement, the wild card holder forgets to say Uno or the color chosen means they cannot go out!

· SpongeBob Squarepants – the Secret Recipe wild card lets the player look at any other players’ cards and then choose the color of play—a tough rule if there are only two players.

· Marvel Avengers Uno has an Avengers Assemble wild card rule, which means that if a Draw 2 or Draw 4 card is played against the holder, this card can be used to block the effect. The holder also gets to choose the color before play resumes.

· Incredibles 2’s Screen Slayer, wild card rule, puts a whole new twist on the game. When the card is played, all other players have to close their eyes and put their cards face down on the table. The wild card holder then takes two cards from one player and gives them to another.

· Hello Kitty and Friends has the Badtz-Maru wild card. When the card is played, the player with the least cards has to pick up 4. There really is no such thing as a safe place in this game.

· Sesame Street features a Grouch Wild card. The rule is the player can give away up to three cards from their hand to other players. These can be distributed however the holder chooses – so three cards to one person or one card to three people. However, if the holder forgets to say Uno while handing out the cards, they have to take back the cards and pick up two themselves.

· Green Lantern’s Power Ring wild card lets the player give away all of their yellow cards to other players and then choose the color of play.

· The Glee version of the game has the aptly named Sabotage card. The holder can look at the hand of a player of their choice, take any card from the hand, and give one back in return – a great opportunity to get one up on their opponent.

Flipping fun

Uno Flip brings a whole new dimension to the game – literally. This variant features a double-sided deck. The FLIP side of the deck has tougher penalties than the classic face. There is a light-side that plays like classic UNO and a dark-side with stringent punishments. When the FLIP card gets played, all the cards are turned over, including the discard and draw piles and the cards in the players’ hands. A great hand can suddenly become a dire one and vice-versa. This game adds a whole new meaning to a wild card rule!

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