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The Uno Skip card

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The Uno Skip card is one of the special Uno Cards. When used strategically, the Uno Skip card can enhance your chances of winning, and as a bonus, annoy your opponents.

In this short but definite article, we will take a closer look at the Uno Skip Card and answer a couple of frequently asked questions regarding the card.

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Uno Skip Card
Skip Card Uno

Skip card Uno

The skip card in Uno is the card with the “forbidden sign” on it. You know which one we are talking about—the one with the circle with a diagonal line in it.

How many Uno skip cards are there in a deck

How many Uno Skip cards are there in a deck?

In a regular Uno deck, you will find a total of 8 skip cards, two in each color:

  • Uno red Skip card: 2 cards
  • Blue Uno Skip card: 2 cards
  • Green Skip card Uno: 2 cards
  • Skip Uno card yellow: 2 cards
Uno skip card rules

Uno Skip card Official rules

Uno Skip card 

  • The next person in line to play after this card is played loses his/her turn and is “skipped”.
  • If this card is turned up at the beginning of the play, the first player (the player to the left of the dealer) is skipped.
  • This card may only be played on a matching color or another reverse card.

If you play according to the official rules, it is worth noting that you can’t plat a Skip card on a Skip card in order to push the “skip” forward to the next player.

Let’s illustrate with an example:

  • Player A plays a Skip card. This means that Players B’s turn is skipped, and it is Player C’s turn.
  • But player B plays a Skip card, thus avoiding the skip and giving it to Player C.

Is Player B allowed to do that?

The answer is no! The official rules state that the next player’s turn is skipped and do not mention any exception.

Now we have to point out that a lot of players out there choose to play with a version of their own house rules allowing this.

To that, we say: Enjoy! The best thing about Uno and the cards is that you can twist and adapt the rules so that their suit your needs!

Can you win uno with a skip card

Can you win Uno with a Skip card?

Yes, you can! We have gotten many questions like this: what if your last card in Uno is a Skip? For some reason, people think that you can’t end on a Skip card, but this is not true!

To make things clear, at least according to the official rules, you can win Uno with a Skip card!

Uno skip card two players

Uno Skip card two players

There is nothing special you need to consider regarding the Uno Skip card when playing two players. The Skip card works the same way. But if you are in a Two-player Uno game, the player playing the Skip card can play another card immediately.

Why is that?

Well, it’s pretty simple: Player A player the Uno Skip card in a two-player game. Player B’s turn is skipped, so it is Player A’s turn again.

How many points is a skip card worth in Uno

How many points is a skip card worth in uno?

The Skip Card gives 20 points, according to the official Uno Rules. Here is a full list of the original Uno card points:

  • All number cards (0-9) – Face value
  • Draw 2 – 20 points
  • Reverse – 20 points
  • Uno Skip card – 20 points
  • Wild – 50 points
  • Wild Draw 4 – 50 points

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