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On this page you will learn everything there is regadring Uno Splash. 

If you are going to play Uno on the go or by a pool, make sure you are playing Uno Splash! The so-called rugged version of Uno is made to last even when you expose it to everything from food to seawater.

Uno Splash rules are the same as the regular Uno rules. The difference really only lies in the design of the Uno deck.

Let us look at how you play Uno Splash and why you should opt for this version of Uno rather than a regular paper deck.

Uno Splash
What is Uno Splash

What is Uno Splash?

Uno Splash is an Uno game made from plastic cards that are water-resistant. That means that you can play the game in wet surroundings without risking a torn or ruined Uno deck. With Uno Splash, it is easy to play Uno outdoors in different settings.

This Uno deck also comes with a smart clip that will hold all the cards together. This way, you can hang the deck on your bag, on your pants, or just place it in a bag knowing the cards will not separate and mix with other content in your bag.

An Uno Splash deck contains:

  • 108 cards
  • Clip for holding cards together and to hang the deck on the bag

The game is recommended from 7 years old and works well with 2-10 players.


Objective of Uno Splash

The objective of the Uno Splash game

To win Uno Splash, you need to be the first one to reach 500 points. You collect your points by getting rid of your cards first and then getting the points of the cards left in the other players’ hands. You play as many rounds as it takes for one player to reach 500 points.

How to play Uno Splash

How to play Uno Splash

The rules of Uno Splash are the same as the Uno rules. The difference is just the cards. Here is an overview of the rules, and remember that you can also download the official Uno rules in our Uno Rule PDF or check out our Quickstart guide that you will find below. Start a game of Uno Splash by deciding who will be the dealer. This can be done by drawing cards from the deck. The person with the highest number will be the first to deal. The dealer should shuffle the deck and then deal each player 7 cards facing down.

The deal should be card by card. When all players have their cards, the remaining cards will be placed in the middle as the draw pile. One card is flipped up on the table to start the discard deck. Now the person to the left of the dealer will start.

  1. The first player tries to match the card that starts the discard deck by number or by color. It is also possible to use the unique action cards that we will soon describe.
  2. If the player can’t match the discard card with any of the cards on his hand, he will have to draw a card from the draw pile. This card may be played if it is a match.
  3. The next player continues by doing the same thing, matching the card at the top of the discard pile.
  4. The game moves on like this till one player is left with 2 cards.
  5. When you play your second to the last card, you must call out Uno!
  6. If you forget to say Uno and someone else says it before you, you must pick 2 new cards from the draw pile.
  7. When a player plays his last card on hand, he is the winner. Now the scoring can begin. All remaining cards on the remaining players’ hands make up the winner’s score.

If you want an Uno rule cheat sheet, you can use our Quickstart guide here below. Download it, print it, or save it on your phone, and you’ll always have the rules close. 

Uno Rules - How to play Uno - infographic


You can choose not to play cards from your hand. You will have to draw a card from the draw pile if you do this. And there are also special rules for the Uno Splash Draw 4 card that we need to look at before playing.

Special Uno Splash cards

Special action Uno Splash cards

The action cards give Uno Splash games a unique twist. With these cards, you can influence the game and force opponents in the direction you are interested in. 

The actions cards are:

The Skip card 

This card can be played on another skip card or on a matching-colored card. It causes the next player to lose their turn as the turn skips over that player. Should the game start with a Skip card, the player to the dealer’s left is skipped over, and the turn moves one more step to the left.

The Reverse card

With the Reverse card, the turn is reversed. That is, the direction of the play reverses. This card can be played on another Reverse card or on a matching-colored card. Should the game start with a Reverse card, the dealer will start, then the game moves to the right.

The Wild card

With this card, you can change the color to one of your choice. The Wild card can be played even if you have other possible matches on your hand. Should the game start with a Wild card, the player to the dealer’s left will decide what color to play.

The Draw 2 card

This card forces the next player to draw 2 cards from the draw pile. After this, their turn is over. You can play the Draw 2 card on a matching-colored card or on another Draw 2 card. Should the game start with this card, the first player to play has to draw 2 cards, and then the turn moves on.

The Wild Draw 4 card

With this Wild card, you get to choose color, and the next player must draw 4 new cards from the draw pile, and then they lose their turn. But there is a catch to the Wild Draw 4 card. You are only allowed to play it when you don’t have another matching-colored card on your hand.

This leaves room for bluffing. Should you play the Wild Draw 4 card and be called on your bluff, you will have to draw 4 new cards from the draw pile. If the player that calls the bluff is wrong, that player has to draw 6 new cards from the draw pile.

To challenge a player, you take a risk. But this is something that makes Uno Splash a lot of fun. Also, suppose you are wrong and have to draw 6 cards. In that case, you will still have some pretty valuable information about the cards on your opponent’s hand.

Uno Splash Scoring

Uno Splash scoring

Once a player wins the round, the scoring is done by counting the cards that remain in the other players’ hands.

The cards have the following values:

Cards 0-9 – Face value

The Reverse, Draw 2 and Skip card – 20 points

The Wild and Wild Draw 4 card – 50 points

Note the score for the player that won and move on with the next round.

Don't forget to call uno

Don’t forget to call UNO!

Important to remember is that you must call Uno to win your round. If other players say Uno before you, you are not yet out. You have to draw another 2 cards and keep on trying.

Last card action card

When your last card is an action card

If you win with an action card, the next player has to follow up on it. For example, if you play a Draw 2 or a Wild Draw 4 as your last card, the next player has to draw 2 or 4 cards. In the latter case, the player might choose to challenge you. If you weren’t bluffing, it means 6 more cards to your score on that player’s hand!

Where to buy Uno Splash

Where can you buy Uno Splash?

You can buy Uno Splash online as well as in toy stores. This is a popular game, and sometimes it is called Uno h2o Splash or just Uno H20. You will recognize that it is the Splash version by the see-through design of the cards and the holes for the hanger to collect the cards.

Who should get Uno Splash

Who should get Uno Splash?

If you need an Uno game that can resist water as well as dirt and tear, this is your best pick. Uno Splash costs a bit more than the regular Uno game. Still, it might be well worth it to invest a bit more in a deck that you can enjoy many more rounds by the pool, in the woods, on the beach, and with sticky hands!

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