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You can play Uno with blocks with this exciting version of the classic game. Uno Stacko rules build on the original Uno rules but works quite differently since it is played with blocks stacked on each other. This is very similar to the game Jenga. If you like Jenga and the card game Uno, this could be the perfect game for you!

You don’t have to know how to play regular Uno with cards to understand how to play Uno Stacko fast, but it doesn’t hurt to have some prior knowledge of the classic card game. Let’s have a look at how to play Stacko Uno and what you need to know in order to make the most of this fun family game.

Uno Stacko
Uno Stacko

What is Uno Stacko?

Uno Stacko is a game with colored plastic blocks. You get red, yellow, green, blue, and purple blocks to build a tower with. The blocks have numbers 1-4 printed on them.
You will also get Skip, Reverse, and Draw 2 blocks. A set of Uno Stacko includes 45 blocks. You will also get a tray made out of cardboard where you can store the blocks when you are not playing. The game looks like a child’s game, but the truth is that Uno Stacko fits all ages. If you want something a little bit fancier, you can look for a wooden Uno Stacko.

Objective of Uno Stacko

The objective of the Uno Stacko game

The tower is built, and then you need to pull out blocks and place them on top. The idea is to keep on building the tower higher till it falls. You want to be the last one to put a block on the tower before the next player topples it over. This makes you the winner.
Using one hand, you can push, knock, and pull at the blocks to release them and place them at the top of the tower. You have to pay attention to the colors and numbers on the blocks in order to place them correctly on the tower.

How to play Uno Stacko

How to play Uno Stacko

To play Uno Stacko, you need a place where you can build the tower. A sturdy table or the floor will work well. 

Do the following:

  • Mix all the blocks. Similar to how you would start a regular Uno game by mixing the cards.
  • One person will build the tower. The person who sets up the tower gets to start the game.
  • Each layer in the tower needs three blocks. These blocks need to be picked randomly.
  • When building the tower place three blocks in the same direction, then place another there blocks on top of the first three blocks but in the other direction.
  • Keep building the tower in this criss-cross fashion until all the blocks have been stacked.
  • Play moves anti-clockwise from the player that begins.
  • Blocks must be removed from the layers below the top layer of the tower.

When the game starts, the tower should be straight. It is possible to use the game carton to accomplish this. The first player can choose any block to pull out and place on the top of the tower.

Use only one hand

Use only one hand!

This is a fundamental Uno Stacko rule. You can’t use two hands to play. You must use the same hand to pick the block and place it on top. If you want to adjust the tower slightly, you can do that, but only with one hand.

It is allowed to switch between hands when it is your turn. You can also touch a block, adjust it, and then not use it. But if you remove a block and place it on the tower, your turn is over as soon as you let go of it.

If you use two hands during your turn, you can get punished. If another player sees this and shouts Uno, you are busted. This means that you must draw 2 blocks of the color that the player that called Uno chooses. You can be as strict or straightforward as you choose with calling Uno on other players.

Uno Stacko colors and numbers

Uno Stacko rules for colors and numbers

Just like in the original Uno, you have to match colors and numbers. When the first player places a block on top, the next player must draw a block of the same number or color. It is also possible to pull out a Wild block and change the color.

Uno Stacko layers

Rules for the layers in Uno Stacko

Each new layer that you build on the tower must have 3 blocks. You can’t start the next level of the tower till there are 3 blocks on top of it.

Uno Stacko Special action blocks

Just like in the card game, Uno Stacko comes with special action blocks. These are:

  • Skip – When the Skip block is placed on top, the next player loses their turn. The next player to play must place a block with the same color as the Skip block. It is also possible to pull a Wild block and change the color.
  • Wild – When you pull a Wild block and place it on top of the tower, you can tell the other players any color that you want. If you’re going to continue with the same color that was played before, it is also possible. When you state a color with the Wild block, the player that follows your turn must pull that exact color.
  • Reverse – When the reverse block is played, the play will move in the opposite direction. This changes again when a new Reverse block is pulled. After a Reverse block, players must match the color of this block. It is also possible to play a Wild block after a Reverse block.
  • Draw 2 – When you play a Draw 2 block, the player, after you, must pull out 2 blocks and stack them on top of the tower. These blocks have to have the same color as the Draw 2 block that you pulled. After pulling the 2 blocks, the player’s turn ends. Now, the next player must pull one block and match the color of the Draw 2 and the 2 blocks. Here it is also possible to pull a Wild and change the color.

Looking at the action blocks, we can see that the Wild is always an excellent block to play and that the Draw 2 block will function as an attack. This block can definitely lead to the tower falling. And if you were the one who pulled the Draw 2 before the fall, you win the game!

Uno stacko 2 player

When you play 2 players

If you are only 2 players, the Uno Stacko rules change a little bit. With 2 players, the Skip and Reverse blocks are also Draw 2 blocks. This will speed up the game and make it more challenging when action blocks are being used.

Uno stacko strategy for winning

Strategy for winning Uno Stacko

To win, you want the next player to make the tower fall. This can be accomplished by causing him to have to build more than one block. So, it is always an excellent strategy to try and make the next player pull 2 blocks. Be aware of two hands being used, and try to pull the Draw 2 block when you can.

On the other hand, you want to avoid pulling 2 blocks as much as you can. This can be accomplished by planning well for your turn. Study the tower and see where you have the matching colors and numbers. Learn where it is the easiest to pull out a block and go for these places.

Try to use the Wild block whenever you can to move the game in a direction that will benefit you or will cause your opponents to smash the tower.

Should you get Uno Stacko

Should you get an Uno Stacko game?

If you are looking for a game that can fit the entire family and is easy to play, this is a good choice. Uno Stacko is great for:

  • Vacations
  • Holidays
  • Birthday parties
  • Cruises
  • Rainy days

Uno Stacko is a fun block game with a twist. Make sure to have it in your game collection for a good activity when people start to complain about being bored.

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