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If you have played Uno, you know that the Uno Wild card is one of the game’s best cards. Arguably, only the Wild Draw 4 card is better when it comes to the original Uno.

Welcome to our article about the Uno Wild card! After reading this article dedicated to the Uno Wild card, you will be an expert on the topic. You will learn:

  • What the Uno Wild card looks like.
  • The Uno wild card rules.
  • Common Wild Card questions.
  • If you can end Uno on a wild card?
  • Uno Wild card scoring.
  • Uno blank wild card ideas.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Uno Wild Card rules
The Uno Wild card introduction

The Uno Wild card introduction

The Uno Wild card allows you to change the color of the game. It is one of the most powerful cards in the game and can change the gameplay entirely.

Uno Wild Card Summary:

  • Uno Wild card is black with a symbol containing all the colors.
  • It can be played on any color.
  • The Wild card is worth 50 points.
  • You are allowed to end Uno on the Wild card!

That information is usually enough for most people.

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But if you want to learn more about the Wild card (there is a lot more to learn), just keep reading!

What does the Wild card look like

What does the Wild card look like?

The most logical place to start is to show how the Uno wild card looks like. We are 99,99% certain you already know this. At least if you have seen any of the pictures on this page. But let us just make sure that you know what the wild card looks like.

The Uno Wild card is black with a symbol containing the four Uno colors. Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.  Please do not confuse it with the Wild Draw Four card, which looks very similar.

The difference is that the Wild Draw Four has “+4” written on it, while the Wild Card only has the four-color symbol on it or the text “Wild” or “Wild Card”.

Uno rules wild card

Uno rules wild card

In this section, we will cover all the Uno wild card rules. After reading this part of the article, you will know all the official rules regarding the wild card.

Official rules from Mattel:

Uno Wild Card:

  • When you play this card, you may change the color being played to any color (including the current color) to continue play.
  • You may play a Wild card even if you have another playable card in hand.*
  • If this card is turned up at the beginning of the play, the person to the left of the dealer chooses the color to begin play and plays the first card.

You can read all the official rules in our easy to read PDF: Uno Rules PDF.

*Please note that this does not apply to the Wild Draw 4 card which can only be played if you don’t have any cards that matches the color (not the number) of the card on the Discard pile.

Pretty simple, right? Well, it is, and it isn’t, and what we mean by that is that the rules are pretty straightforward, but after playing a lot (and we really mean, a lot) of Uno, we have encountered some frequently asked questions that might arise when you play.

Let’s take a look.

Uno Wild card questions

Uno Wild card questions

Below you will find the most common Wild Uno card questions. Don’t forget to check out our extensive Uno FAQ if you want to learn more.

can you end uno on a wild card?

Can you end uno on a wild card?

This is a general question asked by many, and the answer is: Yes, you can end Uno on a wild card. There is nothing in the official rules that states that you can’t.

It can actually be a good idea to save the card as long as possible and end Uno on a Wild card when you think about it. The reason being that you can put the Wild card on any card as long as your turn is not skipped, thus guaranteeing that you can go out when you have one card left.

Does this mean that you always should save the Wild card to the end?

Well, this is a common tactic, but you need to be aware that although it is easy to end Uno on a Wild card, it might be harder to come to the end. Put another way; it can take longer to reach “Uno” if you are hoarding the best cards, and thus making it easier for your opponents to win.

Can you put a wild card on a wild card

Can you put a wild card on a wild card?

This depends. If you want to play two cards at the same time, then no, it is not allowed. Remember, in the official Uno Rules; you can never play more than one card at a time.

But, if the player before you play an Uno Wild card, you are allowed to put a wild card on a wild card!

Let’s take a look at two examples.

When a wild card on a wild card is not allowed.

Player A has two wild cards and puts both down on top of each other (wild card on a wild card). This is not allowed according to the official Uno rules and is called stacking.

When a wild card on a wild card is allowed.

Player A plays a Wild card and chooses the color red. Now you have to play a red card, but you can also choose to play another Wild card and to change the color to any color you wish.

When I play the Wild card, do I play another card at once

When I play the Wild card, do I play another card at once?

No, according to Uno’s official rules, you can only play one card at a time. This holds true when it comes to the Wild card in Uno as well.

How do I score the Uno Wild card

How do I score the Uno Wild card?

The Uno wild card counts as 50 points per card. This is another reason to be careful of trying to win Uno with a wild card. Since it can end up that you are sitting on cards that give your opponents a lot of points!

The whole point table:

  • All number cards (0-9) = Face value
  • Draw 2 = 20 points
  • Reverse = 20 points
  • Skip = 20 points
  • Wild = 50 points
  • Wild Draw 4 = 50 points

What are the Uno attack Wild card rules

What are the Uno attack Wild card rules?

Uno Attack is a more recent version of classical Uno. It comes with a card-shooter that shoots cards. This makes the gameplay more unpredictable and exciting.

The Wild card in Uno attack works the same way as in regular Uno. So there are no new rules you need to learn.

The difference when it comes to the Wild card in Uno Attack is that there is no Wild Draw 4 card and new Wild cards in the deck.

What makes this a bit confusing is that different versions of Uno Attack contain different wild card types.

Uno attack Wild card rules

Uno attack Wild card rules

In the more recent versions of Uno Attack, there are two types of Wild Cards:

  • Wild card –  Works as in regular Uno
  • Wild Attack – Choose the color, aim the shooter at the player you desire, and press the button twice!

The older versions can come with another two Wild Cards:

  • Wild All Hit – This card forces everyone in the game, except the player playing the card, to hit the Uno Attack launcher button once.
  • Wild Hit Fire – Forces the player to press the button until the shooter releases some cards (sometimes the shooter does not release any cards).

Do you find all this confusing?

So did we; that is why we made this awesome graphic.

Uno Attack Cards - All cards

But it can still be a bit confusing.

So we took it a step further and also made a unique, step-by-step guide with the official Uno attack rules. Here you can read our Uno Attack guide and the official: Uno Attack Rules.

If you have come this far, you are already an Uno Wild Card expert! But before we finish this article, let us take a look at some Uno blank wild card ideas!

Uno blank wild card ideas

Uno blank wild card ideas

Most newer Uno decks come with blank Wild Cards. A blank wild card is basically a Wild card that you can put whatever you want on!

One of the best things about Uno is that it is straightforward to implement your own rules while keeping the integrity and structure of the game intact.

In fact, house rules (that are rules that differ from the official rules) were so popular that Mattel started to add blank cards to the Uno deck as the standard.

So what can you add to these blank Wild cards?

Uno customisable wild card ideas

Uno customisable wild card ideas

Only your imagination sets the limit of what you do with the Unocustomizablee wild card ideas. The easiest thing is to put them aside or decide that they represent a regular Wild card or any of the special cards. But what is the fun in that?

Uno wild card ideas

Please feel free to change the Uno Blank wild card suggestions below to your own needs!

Forced giveaway – Select two cards from your hand and give them to another player. The other player can’t reject.

Follow the leader – Copies the last card placed. Good if it is a Wild Card.

Block attack – Negates the Wild Card Draw 4 card or any other special card.

Wild Card magnet – All players have to give you their Wild cards or any other card!

Discard color – All players should discard all cards with the color named by the player.

Duel – This is an exciting Uno blank wild card idea. Choose a person to duel with – each player draws a card. The player with the lowest value draws three cards.

Fair Play – Target a player with the fewest cards. They need to draw cards until they have the same amount as you have.

Guessing game – Guess what color is next in the Draw pile. If correct – discard three cards.

Gravedigger – when used, a player can swap a chosen card from the hand with a chosen wildcard from the discard pile.

Communism – all player’s hands are placed put together, reshuffled, and distributed evenly.

The slap – When played, all players need to put their hands on top of the discard pile. The last player to do so draws three cards.

Landmine – When played, put it face side up somewhere in the Draw pile. The player that has to pick it up picks up two cards and discards the landmine.

Turtle and the hare – Players with the least amount of cards in their hand skips their turn twice. Including the player that plays the card.

Recycle – Choose a player to draw two cards from the discard pile that is not Wild cards or special cards.

Freeze – Choose a person whose turn is skipped when it is their turn.

In the same boat – Everyone draws two cards.

Purity – No wild cards can be played until it is your turn again.

Do you have any other Uno wild card ideas? Drop us an email, and we might publish them here!

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